Home Inspections --- What Are They, Really?

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I think Joe Burkeson stated it best and is accurate in his words.

I keep saying it, the fear during a home purchase is just the “unknown”. Make the unknown - known, then decisions can be made.

In my area about 5% of the realtors here just want the deal to go through at any cost. Most are great, hardworking people just like yourself. They just want accurate and factual reports,mfrom an unbiased view. Here your reputation is all you have and the only thing that makes you successful.

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In America we have always used a free market system. This would include allowing a company to sell services and products as the owner sees fit. That is, sees fit and to fit the need of the buyer. This ensures that in the long run the best survive, while the under performing close. Government regulation has decided for the good of the public(sometimes good, and sometimes bad) that some professions and sales should be regulated. You can argue forever how much good or bad this does.

That being said the owner of the company should decide what services he/she would like to provide and at what rate. Those that meet a need will do well while those that do not will struggle and fail. In essence the market decides what you should be providing for clients. If you try to sell a service they do not need or want, you will get push back. If you provide a service that they need you will be rewarded. So why does do we not want the market to decide? We feel that it is moral obligation to do something else? If an inspector does some things unethically would the market or licensing not run him out of business?

Then should I provide with a home inspection:

Wind mits
Four points

These are things that my clients need, they are happy to pay for them and I am happy to provide them. My question is why do you not let the client decide or the market? If it is not illegal, provides a service they need or can use then why not? I think this can be related to many services, including pet sitting, especially if I am qualified to provide such services. There are services that I can provide(contracting) which I choose not to. That is a personal and a business decision.

The ultimate measure of success in business is real growth in profit and sales.

A Home Inspection is just a particular type of inspection, like a radon inspection is or a wind mitigation inspection is.

From Wikipedia - with a twist

A home inspection is a limited, non-bias, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. Home inspections are usually conducted by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections. The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a written report of findings. The client then uses the knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase. The home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but does not guarantee future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components. Although frowned upon by most industry professionals, a few inspectors are under the illusion that placing clauses in their Inspection Agreements & allowing vendors to call & sell their clients wares, is somehow an added value to what they were really hired for. The reality is, home buyers are looking for the the best inspector they can get to inspect what will be one of the largest purchases of their lifetime, and prefer not to be bothered with wares they can easily find with the Google.

Is your Inspector a widget guy and one who will sell your contact information to pocket a few bucks, or is he the best Inspector you can get for your money?

That is absurd.

So far, this is still a free-market society we live in. Do what is best for your market and client, do what is needed to be done, satisfy your client, collect the check, beer 30.

Who cares what it is. Go on, take the money and run…

Thanks for your input Roy Lewis.
As a renowned home builder and general contractor in the State of Florida, your opinion is worth it’s weight in gold.:p:p:p

One more thread “mucked up” by guys who have nothing better to do.

Wish you all luck


I don’t think so, John. You made some good points.

Let’s be honest about SOP’s…they’re vague.

“Inspect the visible plumbing.”
Ok…there’s plumbing. No leaks. It’s PB. Move on right? Not so fast. ASHI, NACHI, and AHIT all say that PB pipes should be called out, but none say so in the SOP. But the SOP for Indiana doesn’t say I have to alert my client of the danagers of PB plumbing, either.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the SOP to be too specific. It would just be nice if we all were working on the same plane.

Back to the original question-What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is a complete, unbiased opinion on the components of a home, reported on by an overtrained, underpaid home inspector.
The Home Inspector must meet unreasonable demands at ridiculous prices.
The Home Inspector is liable not only for what he reports, but most importantly, what he DOESN’T report.
The Home Inspection is expected satisfy the conflicting expectations of Realtor, Buyer, and seller.
The Home Inspection is not a guarantee or warranty, but let something fail and see who the Client calls and wants to sue.
The Home Inspector is a liability suit waiting to happen.
The Home Inspection is the result of an extensive amount of training, marketing, and collection of materials and tools, with minimal compensation.

And, according to the last seller whose home I was inspecting, “a Home Inspection is a complete waste of money, and only certain lending institutions require the Home Inspection. You are only inspecting my house because of the buyer’s lending institution, it’s a good house, and didn’t really require an inspection…If the lending institution doesn’t require it, we won’t need one, but thanks for offering”.

Working on the report now. About 30 pages of defects, some VERY hazardous. He sure will be in for a big surprise!

Really :shock:, then you need to go to a communist country!

I have never worked on a plane. I’ve worked on Generators, Motors, Alternators, Transfer Switchgear, and houses, but never a plane. I’m afraid of flying. :|.)

Not attacking you at all, just the way I see it. It can get frustrating, but one day your going to find out that people will pay over $1000 for a complete condo inspection, we sell them all day long…Why? Because the consumer feels we are worth the extra fee, so they pay the extra fee.

Its like taking a used car to a mechanic to look it over. The rest is just fluff

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Here’s your reality…

The top two leading insurance scams reported…

  1. Home Warranties
  2. Extended Automotive Warranties

Deal with it!