Home Inspections --- What Are They, Really?

When a home buyer contracts the services of a home inspector for a real estate transaction … what are their expectations?

A general inspection and its purpose is to identify major deficiencies in the condition of systems, components, and items as put forth by and in accordance with the standards of practice of the international association of certified home inspectors.


Okay. But in your own words, what is the mix between what you wrote, what you provide, what the realtor expects, and what the client expects.

I think this is a good point for discussion.

FYI Roy, if you are [reforming the Home Inspection in a licensed state, then the inspection needs to be in accordance to that states Standards of Practice, and not nachis or ashis or anyother associations. Just thought I would toss that in for any new inspectors that didn’t know that.

I Respect My Clients Private Information !!


The realtor from my experience just wants to make the sale without me interfering with an extensive list of issues. Not all ,but many.

Again, From my experience the client usually doesn’t have a clue .
That is why I treat every dwelling inspection as if I was doing it for my son or daughter. I go through each system as if it belong to me.
I don’t look at it as a legal issue, it is strictly a moral issue with me.
I truly want to assists the client in making a decision based on my comprehensive inspection.
That is why I’m there …Yep!
Take yesterday for instance .
I was running a fever and as I looked into the attics abis at 150 plus degrees. I starting thinking …Ya know I can do this attic inspection from here standing on my ladder. I almost convince myself that this would be OK.
However, As I stood there my conscience said to me “wonder what you would do if this was yours”.
Luckily I listen to it . As I proceeded to the far end I see light coming in from around a vent.
Don’t get me wrong ! I’m no goody two shoes.
But when it come to doing my job . I’ll do it to the best of my knowledge and ability. It would keep me awake at night if I didn’t.
Building homes for very many years my motto is " I would never build a home that I would not let my family live in.
Just can’t do it.
Integrity will make you stand out in a crowd.

Correct .
I send the the SOP from NACHI and the states also.
Florida doesn’t have a comprehensive SOP.
NACHI’s cover what the state requires and much more.

Home Inspectors unlike many other service providers hold a lofty place within the public eye, in my own words… “I accurately report the current condition of a structure to the extent that my client is comfortable in using this information to make financial decisions”. There is an implicit trust between the homebuyer and the home inspector which includes the implied notion of privacy in all matters.

Do you find many that even know what their comfort zone is on this subject ?
I usually don’t.

No, the best thing I can do is to make sure they understand the ramifications of the defects discovered in terms of the time & money required to facilitate appropriate repairs.

Do you provide repair estimates ?

Sometimes, but not so much anymore, providing repair estimates is very common in south Florida and with members of FABI of which I was once a member… Mostly, it is about making sure they understand the nature of the defect and how it might impact their finances, that is the art & science of home inspecting.

Who cares? As long as your client is happy, everyone is happy. Go on, take the money and run…

Very good!

Cool Cool, just wanted to be sure people realized that their own states SOP is what needs to be followed or exceeded if their stae has one of their own.


Are they also Avon or Mary Kay salesmen. How about Kool-Aid, Tupperware, magazines, dog-sitting services…

After all, some of us are “pet friendly”

Does that include dog-walking as an ancillary service? You can get it for free, so long as you provide your personal data… just in case you are in the market for a dog house, or special offers in the future

Don’t muck this thread up with your vendetta .

There is no vendetta. There are only questions.

These are legitimate.

You once complained that the law should trump the COE.

You also stated that you receive referral fees from contractors.

So, why not offer dog-walking services if you are a pet-friendly inspector and use the InterNACHI logo for it?

Why not offer some cosmetics after a successful inspection. After all, it’s perfectly legal and is a value-add to the client? With make-up, the benefit goes directly to, and on, the client.

The possibilities are endless. So who decides what “enough” is?

You have stated that the inspector should be able to do whatever the law allows. We offer ancillary services?

Which relate to what is covered on a home inspection and what is not?

Don’t muck up this thread with you accusing me of mucking up this thread!

I’m not getting into the paradoxical issue with you.
I’m tired of it.

Then why do you keep returning for more?

The possibilities are endless. Each business owner gets to decide, and that is best part of having your own business.