Home Inspector Certification Requirements


I am new here, and interested in getting the Home Inspector license for Florida.

I have been reading the exam requirements and the information provided on this page
Option #1: 120-Hour Pre-Licensing Course for Home Inspectors in Florida (online & free for members) - InterNACHI® ,
and it is all very confusing.

The InterNACHI information states that there are 120-course hours required to complete previous to the exam, it shows a Course List of 20 courses showing the time duration, like:

  1. 4 hours: How to Perform Roof Inspections
  2. 4 hours: How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections
    and courses more.

The problem is that if you go to item 1. “4 Hours” and open the information, that sub-course alone takes 44 hours to be completed, If I open any other item that describes 3hrs, in reality it takes about 27hrs and the same thing for each of the courses.

My question is: How many real hours do you have to study to present the DBPR exam, 120? 1,200??

I am lost here.

That’s up to you. Most don’t care and will do what it takes to get what they want.

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I did mine part time over about 6 months. I do not recall any course that took me 44 hours to complete. How many courses have you completed? Did it actually take you 44 hours?

So, based on your current rate. between 9-11 hours per CE credit. 120 CE hours =1200 hours/8 hours in a day would take 150 days. Then 5 eight hour days would take you 30 weeks or 7.5 months full time.

At a minimum, that should be halved. A recent full time student who just completed all of it would have a better feel for this, but that’s my take.

Hello Brian,

I wasn’t able to paste more than one link, but if you see the first page where it shows you the 20 minicourses, and you go to any of these links
they show you from 17hrs to 44hrs depending on the course you choose.

So, it is unclear so far what should I do in order to complete the required hrs.

My research started from this information on InterNachi’s page:

Option #1: 120-Hour Pre-Licensing Course for Home Inspectors in Florida (online & free for members)

" The 120-hour online pre-licensing course is actually a combination of 20 online courses (see below). This combination of online courses equals 120 hours of training approved by Florida DBPR that they require to become a licensed home inspector. "

Which to says that I have to take the 20 online courses to complete the 120hrs, that won’t make sense when checking each course’s real time to complete.

You need 120 CE credits which has nothing to do with how many hours the course takes. Just like college. I can tell you, for me…the courses do not take as long as they say. But, for others maybe so.

In your case, you had to take all the 20 courses?? or Just complete 120CE among them?