What courses do I need to take with InterNachi in order to qualify for the state exam?

Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, but can someone point in the right direction in terms of obtaining my Florida license? I tried looking around to see what courses would count towards the 120 hours required as a prerequisite for the Florida state exam, but the layout of this website is a little confusing.


Everyone you can take and then some more.
Over preparedness is a lot better than being under

Thanks for the quick reply. So basically any course taken here will count towards the 120 hours?

Typically, yes.

Thanks Larry

You’re welcome, Alexander. :smile:

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I believe you will also need to take 4-point and wind mitigation inspection course to apply for the state license. This course can be taken after you pass the state license exam.

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Awesome, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you sir

Thanks, Kevin. I missed FL.

Good luck Alexander! :smile:

Hello Alexander glad that you can be with us. Just to cut through the chase of it all on internachi platform sign into your internachi account go directly to the state that you’re in would you mention in Florida they are all your classes that you need for the hundred twenty hours will pop up including information on Florida state exam as well we welcome you an ask that you do your very best towards your licensing and course examinations for the state of Florida from all of us here in Los Angeles from
U.S. Home Inspectors LLC.
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