Home inspector defrauds 138 home buyers.

I think he used to be a member of both InterNACHI and ASHI at one time.


So the average fee for these “inspections” was $130. Nobody deserves to be cheated, but these people had to be pretty damn gullible to think they were receiving anything of value for that sum. Maybe he was only bilking them for add-ons??? http://www.sherlockhomesinspection.net/

I think he got his regular fee and charged for extras that he did not do.
Like water samples termite inspections and septic .

Yep. That number falls between his published radon and water testing fees. If he’s guilty, I hope they put it to him.

There used to be a Nachi member from the Philly area with that name post here, and on ActiveRain, several years ago.

Yeah, was that the Sherlock guy? He was a little smug and left the forum mad about something?
Long time ago like around 2007 —8

That’s what I remember. He had an attitude problem.

So, why did the REA recommend this person? Because he was cheap. The REA’s involved should loose their licenses.

I heard he is Changing his company name to

Sherlock Homes Inspection and Termite

ha ha…always pictured him with a Monocle and British accent.


Home buyers in 7 counties paid $18,500 for water tests not done or not done properly, detectives say

It would appear that he still is an active member in good standing…

His last post April 3 2016 NACHI member since 2004

March on my calendar but close enough. The forum profile says he’s an interNACHI Member

yep march thanks … Roy

I wonder if he uses the buy your home back deal?

Forgot to post his logo on his site

I’m going to reserve judgement. He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet. I don’t know him or his business but I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Being an InterNACHI member and a home inspector, we should try to be supportive and help him out, if we can. This sort of press is bad for the entire industry.