Dishonest home inspectors are out there

Wanna hear a sad story…I’ve done several inspections for this adult community. The realtors are nice enough to always refer me to there clients. This one client, who was 82 years old, wanted to search for her own inspector, wanted him to have extensive experience in the field…when she was done with all her questions, she hired someone. His inspection took 4 hours, it was a 120,000 condo with 2 bedrooms. His report was 45 pages of real fake crap. He charged this poor old women…$800.00 for her inspection. Whoever you are, (and you know your and a…h…le). Just remember, everyone gets theres sooner or later. By the way he’s not an InterNACHI member, thank god.

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Frank, PM me who it was unless you want to post it. I used to live up in Hazlet, I might know him.

I don’t do that, but let’s just say the name of his company is very appropriate.

Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe Inspection Services???

You’re such a tease!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like an agent I know.:mad:

What makes him dishonest?
The $800 fee?
The 45 page report?
Or the fact that he worked for a senior citizen?

I agree that $800 sounds like way too much for a 2 bdrm condo, but that is if we are talking about a standard home inspection. At least it would be here in our market.

45 pages sound like alot more than a SOP style inspection. Is it possible that other ancillary inspections were performed? Radon, Termite, mold/ IAQ and Thermal imgaging? Was the outside EIFS Stucco requiring additional inspections that this inspector was qualified to perform? A standard inspection with a couple ancillary inspections can add up quick.

Imagine if the buyer was a middle aged professional, and still paid $800 for the inspection. I think the inspector might be considered a saavy business man running a profitable enterprise.

But throw the words “senior citizen” into the mix and you have to assume that the seniors are incapable of making any sound decisions, and therefore the saavy business man is pretty much a scoundrel.

I don’t know the answer, but that is why I am asking the questions. For all I know he is the dirtbag you have made him to be.

I think an update is in order. :wink:

I’d hate to think you left everyone who read your blog hanging, like the client did you??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do YOU think he called back Jeff. He saved himself fifty bucks and got what he paid for I would imagine!:mrgreen:

I believe my second sentance answered your question. It was a good read, and left me wanting more. I feel that too many people leave things hanging. I wanted ‘closure’ dammit!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I see nothing at all “dishonest” from the description that has provided regarding the man’s work. If you are referring to his fee…I think you should consider that anyone willing to pay $120,000 for air space between the inner walls of a building should consider $850 to inspect it as a reasonable fee.

There is nothing “dishonest” about being the highest paid home inspector in the market. It is something we should all emulate.

That’s why I asked who he is. The guy is my hero.

NACHI members chant: Raise your prices! Raise your prices! Raise your prices!

…then when someone does he gets ridiculed. Classic NACHI…

Excuse me for playing dumb here, but I don’t see the point you’re trying to make.
I don’t think I see anything amiss about the inspection…
Did she complain to somebody about what he did?

"Just remember, everyone gets theres sooner or later."

And what would that be for?

That’s what I want to know. The guy did an inspection and got paid 850. What is the problem?

Who is ridiculing him? I said he’s my hero.:wink:

No one seems to accept that the original poster called the report “45 pages of real fake crap”!! And for $850!!

That’s a problem! What are you guys going to do to earn the $850?? The same?

All very good things to point out, however, it was a standard inspection with termite, the 45 pages were made up of tips for every single item in the home, for example “What happens to rugs when they get wet”. It was a little bit much.


Well, I guess that’s why I normally keep things to myself. Sincerely, did anyone ever get $800.00 for a home inspection of a adult community? Give me a break.


I don’t know…