Home Inspector Licensing Prayer

Dear Realtors:

Lets all be adults and quit tap dancing around the flag pole, with all the BS, lies and deception. Lifes too short, its a slow real estate market and we all need to be out promoting our business - not telling fairy tales or playing childish like games with each other. Lets conceed to several facts of life.

  1. There is no huge consumer outcry for LICENSING of Home Inspectors.
  2. This is not about protecting the consumer at all (well maybe 5% of it is).
  3. Its about a lot of special interests - starting with you, the Realtors.
  4. You want to manipulate and control our industry. You think if we’re all
    licensed you can do this. You foolishly or mistakenly think if we’re
    licensed we’ll all say the same thing; we’ll only tell a buyer the plumbing
    pipes are not leaking and we won’t tell him that Polybutylene has been
    involved in class action lawsuits and recommend he research it further on
    the web - Boy are you wrong.
  5. You feel that with licensing AND maybe mandatory E & O insurance in play
    that you can keep referring cheesy/sleasy Harold that does 75 minute
    inspections, is really cheap AND if **** hits the fan YOU can now act
    surprised and UTTER “Well the state said he was qualified, how was I to
    know different. He does have insurance you know”. Then off you go …
    6) Bottom line for Realtors, its about Control & Shifting Liability!!

Then we got the other players:

  1. The HI group that wants to own/control the world.
  2. The group that sell/lease tests.
  3. The newbies that think licensing gives them validity.
  4. The oldbies that are losing market-share, aren’t good in the market sack
    and see this as a way to “fence me in & fence them out”.
  5. The power monger HI’s that forsee themselves as the “State HI Board”.
  6. The multi-state HI Trainers, trying to cut everybody else out.
  7. The insurance companies - if we gotta have insurance for a license their
    business goes up (and so does our fees).
  8. The trial attorneys - enough said about their reasons.
  9. The legislators - Realtors and other groups are throwing $$$$$ and votes
    their way in many states to get us licensed EVEN if they see no need.

Lets face it - in most states we’re the smallest professional group out there. We’re not a hill to die on for most legislators, media, etc.

So Mr/Mrs Realtor, since we all know this is REALLY about YOU, tell us what you will give US and if its good enough MAYBE we’ll lay down, go belly up across the couch AND help you screw US. By the way, I’m a Senior Citizen, so make it REALLY GOOD, cause I’ll need the $$$ to eat on!!

Yours Truly,

Dan Bowers

Good post Dan; I think you pretty well Stated the big picture in a nut shell.

Hopefully this, and other such notices, are being published where the used house salesmen and general public can read them. We’re preaching to the choir, here.:wink:

Good Posts

Rather than allow myself to be controlled, I may just give up inspecting. Never did like working for someone else, no reason to start now!


Your letter is excellent! As a degreed Mechanical Engineer & NACHI Home Inspector, I am thrilled to be a real estate investor. I’m tired of kissing the aes of these local realtors just to get some business thrown my way. After working with them for years it really hit me hard recently how sad it is a HI (who quite frankly is much smarter and harder working than any realtor I’ve ever known) has to depend on realtors to the extent they do for business.
My revenge to them is being an investor- now they kiss my a
for a listing!
What a great country!!!

Licensing solves nothing. We can regulate our own idustry.

Great post by Dan Bowers!!! Hits the nail on the head!!! Most realtors I have encountered are arrogant SOB’s, who consider them selves superior to the home inspector. I would surmise that a home inspector probably has more experience in his field than most of the real estate agents I have encountered have in theirs.
In my own past real estate transactions, I have expeienced more incomptence with the real estate agent, than with the home inspectors.
Think maybe they should clean up their own house first!!!
Consider this: Who would you trust more, a realtor or a used car salesman?

The experienced Home Inspector can see what you say is true.
Those who want to make money from the newer Inspector do
not want to hear what you say.
Many newer inspectors think they have better ideas and know the new broom always sweeps better and do not want to think they can not do a better job for less money then those experienced inspectors.
We have all seen the post where a established Inspector tries to explain how it is hard expensive and not very rewarding for the first few years ,how they get attacked by ( you do not understand my knowledge ) ( I will show you ).
This has been this way since the get go.
We have many schools? telling many how great this industry is and if you just take our courses you too can make BIG MONEY.
WE have associations also telling many how great it is just join us and we will show you the way.