Home Inspector Licensing

**MANY **people today are **NOT **aware that around the **year 2000 **the NAR set some long range legislative goals for themselves. GETTING home inspectors licensed everywhere was on that list. AND they do the same dog and pony show wherever they introduce it. EVERY other trade is licensed (bul-s-h-i-t … check it out in your state on who is AND who is not). They always push for MANDATORY insurance (WONDER why … Check in your own state too see if Realtors, engineers, lawyers, etc, etc ARE required to get insurance for licensing … business decision YES, but MANDATORY for a license … SELDOM). THEN check to see if there are MANDATORY codes AND code inspections in ALL counties throughout your state AND if home builders, flippers, etc HAVE state licensing (usually NO). THEN ask yourself **WHY **aren’t the commissioned used house sales force trying to PUSH for that IF they really want to PROTECT the public.

It seems that in EVERY state that starts to introduce licensing **ITS **the Realtors pushing it **NOT **the GENERAL PUBLIC, etc. AND its the Same old Realtor BS that we’ve seen for 20 yrs …


BOTTOM LINE, its NOT about consumer protection, its about SHIFTING the liability

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[FONT=inherit]MANY states push for 80 hrs of training (and that can be for a 18 yr old, house wife or unemployed 35 yr old IT worker with no construction knowledge at all) … Where did the 80 hrs come from … Thats the ASHI model licensing law language.
[FONT=inherit]When Ohio did a BIG study on 1st pushing home inspectors toward licensing 15-20 yrs ago the results indicated that when they compared several licensed to non-licensed s[/FONT][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]tates THERE was NO better knowledge or results in states with OR without licensing.
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]BUT if you had inspectors licensed AND they carried BIG insurance it made the used house commissioned sales force MORE comfie with them.[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]DUH … Hey Realtors here is a UNIQUE thought. REFER the BEST, not the CHEAPEST or SOFTEST


Just wanted to let you know that you have been a wealth of information on licensing.

During the course of the last two years, you have given me direction (unbeknownst to you) concerning licensing in Ohio. Your comments and information have made me delve into the proposed licensing Bill, the actions of the Real Estate Associations and other Societies.

After doing my own research, I have written every State Representative and State Senator multiple times voicing my opinions concerning licensing. I have cited the Study you refer to above, along with multiple other items you have mentioned during the course of the past two years.

My position on licensing in Ohio is NO. I came to this conclusion after all my studying of the Bill. Others may have a different opinion and that’s fine. But no matter what side an inspector stands on, they need to voice their thoughts.

Even if the Governor does not sign the Bill before the end of the year, you can bet that the forces behind the licensing will re-introduce it. I would hope my fellow inspectors voice their feelings to the State politicians early and often.

Basically, thank you Dan.

And another thing, here is what’s needed to be a licensed REA in Ohio.