Home Inspector Podcast

Hey all,

We have a podcast that some of you might enjoy.

We don’t sell or talk much about Spectora and it’s not technical - it’s me talking to home inspectors from around the country and hearing their journey, stories, and business/life related topics like keys to success, challenges, relationships with agents, work/life balance, legal, marketing, and many other topics.

It’s for anyone in the industry or thinking about getting into it.

You can search for Spectora Spotlight on Apple or Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Overcast or wherever you get your audio. Or here.

Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks! As a new home inspector, this interests me. Will check it out


Spectora is pretty good software. You should try it.


Thanks Sriram! I am told from many new inspectors that it’s been helpful to hear what successful inspectors are doing out there! Let us know what you think.

Nice page: https://www.spectora.com/r/spectora-spotlight/. I wish I could make the InterNACHI® Home Inspector Podcast page look like that. :thinking:

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