Home Inspector Training New York for NACHI Members

[FONT=Arial]The Appraisal Education Network School and the Merrell Institute is an educational institute founded by educators of the home inspection industry in NY State. Our courses are approved by New York State, Dept. of State, Division of Licensing Services. Bill C. Merrell- School Owner/Director.[/FONT]

******Training Course:******[FONT=Arial] We offer the 140 Hour Program as set forth by NY State Licensing Guidelines. This Includes Module1: 25 hours; Module 2: 25 hours; Module 3: 25 hours; Module 4- 25 hours; Module 5: 40 hours.[/FONT]

******Training Audience: ******[FONT=Arial]New York State Residents entering the home inspection business, as well as for [FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]home inspectors [/FONT] who are interested in improving their home inspection service skills and receiving feedback on their home inspection techniques. Our 140 hour State Approved home inspector program can help make you more knowledgeable and highly proficient in your own business.[/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]For more info or to register for our classes, please visit our website.[/FONT]


[FONT=Arial]Thank you,[/FONT]

Bill Merrell and Len Ungar

Appraisal Education Network School and Merrell Institute
Questions, or a FREE Brochure, Call 631-563-7720. We are committed to offering low cost, high value education meeting NYS Licensing regulations. I was told that all Educational Organizations have the right to publish educational courses to benefit NACHI members. This was and is not the first publication. If is now the second posting this week regarding Home Inspection Programs to benefit NACHI Members. We are also proud to let our students know about NACHI and can verify that over 70% of our graduates become NACHI members after graduating and becoming Licensed in New York State. That was and is our commitment to NACHI.

Thanks Gerry B. for giving me a heads up that postings are permitted in this section for Education Organizations that promote NACHI and its members.

Much luck and succes with the Ohio Program.