Home Inspector Websites and SEO

Hi y’all, my name is John Anthony and I am from Dalton Georgia. I have been building websites and doing search engine optimization for auto glass shops for 13 years and just began helping Realtors and Home Inspectors last year.

I can be your behind the scenes, web partner. I can build you a website, host your website, rebuild your website… I can get your website on the first page of Google, I can get your Google maps listing in the top 3. Everyone gets those spam calls claiming they can put you on the first page of Google and what they want to do is manage you a Google Ads account. Well, what I do is get you in the organic section and maps section of Google, where the savvy web browsers are looking. They will look past the ads and go to the maps or organic section to choose a Home Inspector.

Home Inspector websites $600-$1200 (one time)
SEO services $300 (Monthly) includes maps and organic

I send you a monthly report on your website traffic and keyword rankings. I target the keywords home inspector, home inspectors, home inspections, house inspections, house inspectors, house inspectors and other keywords related to home inspections, like radon gas inspection, air quality inspection.

If you have an existing website, I can guarantee the first page within 6 months. One year on this program and you will be dominating the local search engines for your niche. I will only work with one home inspector in a city, so there are a few already taken.

Here is a sample site just outside of Chattanooga Tennesee. https://thorntonhomeinspections.net
He is in the top 5 for all his keywords and headed to number 1.

Come join our network and let’s dominate the internet together.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested, or give me a call.

Anthony Web Solutions 423-710-6432

Keywords typed in by potential prospects will usually consist of single words and phrases, which often includes the city where they’re located. For example the keyword “home inspection” is one of the most popular keywords used when potential clients are looking for a local home inspector. These same prospects will often search by geographical location.