PPC Service For Home Inspector

This is NOT for you if you have no plan to grow your Home Inspection business further.
Otherwise, please continue.

Are your competitors getting most of the Home Inspection leads in your city?
Are they running highly optimized GoogleAds and even stealing your precious leads?
This can happen when your prospect landed on their doorstep.

Most people (me included) got burnt when starting out in GoogleAds. I don’t hope anyone go through that painful route again. It has taken me 5+ years to perfect the art of Google Ads and I’m still learning every day.
One of the reason Ads has become so expensive is because of all the amount of clicks you pay for, don’t convert into business. You don’t spend hours daily analyzing each click, constantly increasing budget or making changes in the hope that you’ll get some results…

If you consider to run Google Ads or you’re already running one, spending money and not getting results, I can help. I have been helping businesses grow by getting targeted leads and sales. Recently, a Property Inspection company increase their leads and sales by 42% while reducing ads spends with us. Is it what you want?

You might be wondering how much it costs you?
Our fee is starting from $199/month and we GUARANTEE you get results or FREE next month.

We ONLY work with one Inspection company per city to avoid any conflict of interest.

Here is a quick GoogleAds tip for you, in return for your time.
We separate keywords into different adgroup (max 10 keywords) and write very relevant Ads to what prospect are searching for.
Your “negative" keywords have to set up properly (suggest 500-1000 irrelevant keywords). Avoid your ads appear when people searching for “how to become inspectors in Alabama”. They are not intended to be your prospect, if they click on your ads, you will be funding their ‘research’.
Lastly, make sure look at SQR before you start optimizing to cut any budget wastage. A new campaign budget will be kept low until we done optimizing. Keep an eye on Auction Insights who is outbidding you too.

Email us now: ceo [at] merakmarketing [dot] com

God bless and have a lovely day.


Hi all,

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I have written up a post of reverse engineering for a home inspector ads in Florida and what to do to maximize its potential.

I hope you can get a couple of tips there and don’t waste your precious hard earn income

The blog post can be found here :

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