Home ownership sinks to 1960's low


Good for us.

I think we should be ok though,

Source: June 2015 Economic Commentary


I heard that on ABC news today. Not sure what that means for inspection income. When the market does this, do you think that being an inspector in other specific areas would cushion the blow?

Very misleading. The number of houses has increased since the 60’s but not as drastically as the number of adults. Population in 1960 was 180M. In 1990 it was 249M. That is 69 million potential home owners at the current age of 25-55 that did not exist during the previous period of time quoted. The number of homes has not been able to keep up with growth of population so of course the % of those owning homes is lower. Simple math and a misleading premise.

The number of new home starts each year does not meet the number of people moving into the home buying age brackets.

The number of homeowners as a percentage (rate) is at an 55-year low.

Good for our industry.