Home Warranty A/C

On one of my inspections in the winter, I didn’t try the A/C because of the cold weather, which I noted on the report.

The client moved in, and all was well, until he tried his A/C recently. It was out of freon. He called me to say that his home warranty wants to see a copy of the report. The A/C tech said that if the warranty company sees on the report that I didn’t inspect the A/C unit. they would not pay to refill the freon, $600.

He asked me to give him another copy of the report, leaving out the comment that I didn’t try the unit.

Have you heard of this before? It seemed to me that if I had reported that the unit worked, then they would not pay for repair, because it was working when they sold him the house. Is this tech trying to pull one on my client?


Don’t be changing no reports!

Do you know what Insurance Fraud is?

I would send the client another copy of the report, but I would not change the report.
I’m sure you did a visual inspection, you just could not turn the unit on.
In these cases (too cold to operate AC) my report says the system was not turned on and a full evaluation was not possible; a visual inspection was performed.
I don’t think an HVAC tech can make the determination for the warranty company (he works as a sub for them; he does not decide).
It also seems like a lot of money to refill/recharge the system, but I don’t know the going rates.

Not if they look for where it went…

It could be much more than that in the end.

Not to hijack, but R22 is being phased out and prices are skyrocketing.