Home Warranty Questioned by Media as a Scam

Read it,here.

Not surprising.

“theres no accountability here”…

I guess they didn’t actually read their warranty package… So its someone else’s fault. They did pay $500, probably the HI fee returned.

Good find Jim B.

I can use that link.

who ever does, and thoes that do, how many understand it?

Warranty companies pay off much of the time, but HVAC is a costly repair, equipment almost always has preexisting conditions or thoes that can be assumed. I have had it done to me! They didn’t know who they were talking to and I hung them on the cross!

When it comes to home warranties and HVAC equipment the two just never seem to mix.

More thoughts on this, with the Home Inspector in mind:

Thanks James

My thoughts exactly. Ignorance isn’t always bliss. :-({|=

I never did offer Home Warranties due to the overwhelming past complaints that I heard about…



And there’s more…


SCAM. Go back and re read the thread where I got sued, had the warranty company fixed the problem up front, there might not have been a lawsuit.

The Warranty bastards ended up settling on a small package unit for $6,000.00.


So I take it that you use to offer a limited home warranty on your inspections and not do not?

I thought that Mountain Warranty was one of the vendors on this site; if so, are they legit or will they weasel out of a claim…anyone had any experience with them (or others) good or bad.


Most of my clients are InterNACHI members. They simply do the best inspections.

That is why I do not offer warranties. Too much conflict of interests. Just do your job, have good narratives, collect the check, and leave. Done.

Huh? I don’t think he asked about the inspectors, he asked about your warranty company, didn’t he?

James, Thanks for sharing . . . David, appreciate your comments and links . . .

Brian, I was thinking about using this program after the 1st of the year, but am reconsidering after some of the things I have heard. I am not familiar with your situation, could you tell us what happened?


Good find, I’m more convinced than ever to NOT represent myself or my business as a source of warranty for things we inspect. For the record… Joe Burkeson a home inspector for Square-One Inspection Service does not now nor have we ever provided a warranty or implied any insurance services whatsoever for any component we have ever inspected, nor will we ever do so. It is not in our best interest or our clients best interest to warrant the components we inspect.

As a home inspector our job consists of documenting the current condition of any component we inspect without regards to how our findings may impact the sales or warranty agreement. If we take the time to study warranties in other areas outside the home inspection profession we can readily see that it is those who sell -or- manufacturer a product that normally provide the best warranty. The reason for this is because they more than anyone else know the products limitations and also simply because they are the ones who profit most from the sale.

In almost every other area of commerce & banking we can see the weakness of third-party insurance policies, just a cursory glance at the banking & bond business will show just how poorly designed and profit driven these instruments are.

Home Inspectors hold a wonderful advantage in customer respect that I would not like to see tainted by weak ineffective warranties. Jim, thanks for the opportunity to share.