I'll have an affordable warranty service up and running for members, soon.

Coming soon… InterNACHI, resistance is futile.


We’re seeing some consumers and real estate agents asking inspectors if they offer a warranty before deciding on an inspector. We want InterNACHI members to be able to answer… “YES!”


Will the warranties be an if it’s inspected, it’s protected (and of course in satisfactory condition at the time of the inspection) type policy, or will it be like some of the other programs that offer warranties that provide minimal coverage at best?

More details needed…

No home warranty is worth it unless you know upfront how they will respond to a claim such as this scenario:

15 yr old Gas pack, report says operational with some typical rust inside.
Then the unit stops working a month later…
The service guy estimate says: combustion compartment blower bad, excess rust, recommend replacement or new blower and new heat exchanger.

Will the home warranty company fork over $4,000+ to the homeowner?
I doubt it. Will the homeowner want someone to pay the $4,000+ for them? You bet.

We will need some examples of typical claims and a guarantee from the warranty company as to the expected result of typical claims and who’s opinion is used to turn down claims.

Be careful Nick, most if not all of these home warranties are tricky.


From my own experience (others may vary).

If documented service of the HVAC equipment can be verified (regardless of age), the warranty company will pay the claim.

If annual service / recent service can not be verified, Claim is denied due to lack of Preventive Maintenance.

You need to advise your Clients accordingly with regard to the Warranty Programs that they may elect to participate in.

I have had small realestate companies if I sell a full one year warranty because they think that if they sell warranties it would be a conflict of interest. Which I totally agree. But all the warranty companies that I talked to onlywants to deal with realestate companies. I never got an answer why.

We’re going to change all that for InterNACHI members.

It will be interesting to see how it compares with American which was carrying the Brinks program.
Will there be a startup fee.?
What is the deductible?
Will it kick in at closing? or from time of inspection?
Which systems are covered?
Does it include appliances ,asthey are not part of the NACHI SOP?

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Starting out in 3 major markets, the warranty will be able to be acquired at no cost to InterNACHI members, then we’ll spread across N. America.

Chris built the application tutorial today.

Sweet…, hope that includes Chicago.
If so it will be up on the old website very fast.
Covered up to fifty bucks right?:slight_smile:

Great idea, I’ll put this on the shelf with this one and this one.


Brian, staff has done surveys asking members if they would rather we hide the existence of all our projects until they are ready launch. Each survey confirms that you are almost completely alone on this one. No one prefers that we change our current policy of announcing all projects shortly after their inception. Sorry. Build some grass roots support for the “don’t tell us until it actually launches” position and I’ll consider changing the way we do things.

Anyway… we’re cruising right along on this one http://www.mountainwarranty.com/ and working hard on it.

Brian, the foreclosure link you put up lead DIRECTLY to the development of these 3 completed projects:

and http://www.nachi.org/fetchreportfriendlyseal.htm

Denver is one of the highest foreclosure cities in America and we are swamped with work inspecting them. Foreclosure work is so easy to get and every foreclouse inspection we are doing uses the very 3 tools (above) that the link you posted lead to. All 3 are fully functional and operational and are being used on thousands of foreclosures. Furthermore, unlike regular real estate transactions…foreclosures, on average, are inspected over 4 times! An inspection is critical to buying a foreclosed home as many of them are in rough shape and come with no seller disclosures. They are everywhere too. Maybe the real estate market is booming in your area but if it is… it is unusual. The traditional real estate market is horrible every where else which is why we built these systems to help you land seller and foreclosure inspections. And they do.

I really don’t see what is “funny” about foreclosures. We’re getting fat on foreclosures in Denver. And with our aforementioned tools, they are simple to land.

As for the free convention… I don’t see why anyone would doubt that our next convention would be free. Our last one was only $99 http://www.nachi.org/torontolive/ Ask anyone who went… it really was only $99. I don’t see why you would doubt something so verifiable by your own fellow members. And I promise, our next convention will cost $99 less than our last.

I guess I should be getting used to people not minding that we contine to prove them wrong. I remember that many members said we couldn’t charge just $99… well, we charged only $99 www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm (only $99 more than totally free). And I remember that many members said that vendors wouldn’t come because they needed passports… well, we sold out all 96 booths http://www.nachi.org/convention2007exhibitorhall.htm


Some people can only attack something to enjoy it. Sad.