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Thanks for posting and working with us.

Here are 10 reasons why consumers (home owners) love HomeBinder:

Storing Contractor Information
Saving Paint Colors
Mobile Access to make and model numbers of appliances when shopping
Appliance Recalls
Home Inventory (in case of fire or theft)
Capital Gains Reporting
Maintenance Reminders
Project and Mid-Construction Photographs
Safe Digital Storage of Important Home Documents
Beautiful PDF Reports (of all of the above)

How many subscribers do you have?
What is the attrition rate?

We just launched in November and have a few hundred users presently but growing each week. We don’t have people leaving the service, the feedback is good but again it is still early.

Our goal is that someday HomeBinder reports will be seen as a valuable part any home sale https://www.homebinder.com/assets/landing/Home%20Binderv3.pdf

We’ve had a few inspectors ask about how they communicate this to their clients in a quick way. Here are three points:

  1. Secure your possessions in the home inventory in case of fire or theft
  2. Reminders about performing critical maintenance tasks
  3. Empower you to do easy capital gains reporting when you sell

More good questions came in…here are the responses!
1-How many can I give out?**
As many as you like. We discussed limiting the number of times the promo code would work for each firm but frankly it isn’t aligned with either your interests or ours. Ultimately, we have a 100 year vision for the business and today it is all about awareness and education so the more people that experience it, the more we achieve our objectives.

2-do I give them a promo code or something?
Yes. We will create a unique PROMO code for you that they can enter to get usage of our paid version for free.

3-does my client get 1 year free and then have to pay for the following years that they use it?
That is correct, though they can simply downgrade to the free version if they feel that meets their needs. Also, we hope to offer you the same service next year so if you were on board, you could offer your customers a 2015 code to use for free again (see answer to #4)

4-can I give it to previous clients who are interested?
Absolutely. No limit. We’d love to help you craft an email to your previous customers if you need any help and you can attach the 1 page flyer with the promo code to that email.
5-are there any fees for my client after what I pay?**
6-can they go back to the free program if they want to?**
Absolutely - no commitment at all.

Thanks Jack.

I just did a sales meeting with Home Binder. Good response from the agents because it gives them a good reason to contact their old clients. Same for me too. I like it so far, but we will see how it goes.

Question#5. Do I pay for the first year or does homeowner sign up