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**Privacy Policy… **

Thanks for posting Nick!

Looks like they are offering a recall check service in their package.

I asked about the Recall Checking Service and received this reply:

And anyone can go to my site and get a very similar recall service for free. No obligation, no 3rd party sharing of information. You can put this on your website too. Check it out

Frank, what you have with WeMakeItSafer can definitely be useful as a snapshot in time and may be enough depending on your business. Just want to make distinction that given it is a digital “binder” for the homeowner, we keep doing the check once per week in case a recall comes up in the future and if so, we send out an email to the client keeping them safer long term. Inspectors who set up the appliance for them would get credit in the email for notifying them (branded).

Given some questions we’ve received in the past about what it looks like, below is the “Binder Creation Form”

Accessed from a dashboard of all binders, it is designed to take just a couple of minutes (depending on how much goes into the appliance part).

You can always add more or alter maintenance items as well as appliances.

You can use HB to be your report delivery tool too as you’ll see at the bottom of the form.

We recommend you increase the price of your inspections when offering HomeBinder.

If you are doing 250 inspections a year, add $8-12,000 to you bottom line.

Two sentences to increase your price by $30-50 (market dependent)
“As part of my inspection service I can set you up with the premium version of an online home management tool called HomeBinder that you can use to store anything related to your home from paint colors, to appliance details, to documents. In the case you do buy this home, I’ll also load in a maintenance schedule so you get timely notifications and don’t miss critical tasks (PROPERTY SPECIFIC EXAMPLE) as you get acclimated to your new home.”

All for about $2 and a couple minutes of time per inspection.


(just as an FYI - the street price for a homeowner is $12 a year to use the premium HB…so 10 years = $120 but that doesn’t include your time to set it up and get it running for them. Very good value to them.)

Came across this and wanted to share as it aligns with #5 in the HB value proposition. Stat published from NAR is that if an agent hasn’t gotten a referral in 12-24 months from sale to/with a previous client, there is only a 10% chance they’ll get one. This is probably true for anyone in the business who isn’t using some type of a valuable drip campaign. Agents, inspectors and mortgage brokers need to find ways to come up with valuable content to have a reason to reach out to previous clients to keep the referral cycle alive.

Not for me, or my clients.

The privacy agreement means no privacy.

I offer the service Frank offers. Maybe not the best but adequate for most situations.
I am not “crazy” on privacy policies but I am the kind of person who does not want my privacy manipulated. I won’t offer anything that collects client information.

On the other hand that’s my personal opinion and I would not judge if someone else offered services that collects information.

Paul/Chris/Jeff, i just posted this in an adjacent thread and offer here as well

This seems to be of concern so I’d like to address it directly.

We spent a fair amount of time on the privacy policy to be as direct and clear about what we are doing. Every web business ends up collecting information about people. Our goal is that by charging inspectors and agents for the service, we don’t have to come up with unsavory business practices to deliver value to the homeowner nor use information in poor ways.

Direct feedback on particular line items of the privacy policy that are concerning would be really welcome.

Here are two examples of things we’d like to be able to do in the future.

  1. On aggregate, show the most preferred plumber in town, not by what people say but who they actually use/have in their HomeBinder. We’d of course not disclose what individuals did.

  2. Show, on the aggregate, failure rates of appliances.

Our policy has been constructed to allow for these types of things as ultimately we believe it can be really helpful and informative to users.

On privacy I just feel I don’t want to be the person who gets my clients email/ phone offers. Its a personal thing with me as simple as “don’t call me, I’ll call you.”
Of course this runs against services that collect this information but its why I will quit PayPal, too bad because I have been a PayPal customer since the beginning.

I don’t want to be the guy who gets my clients on all the “offers” list.

I get it Paul, I truly do. For us to be successful long term we have to do right by the homeowner. I tell my team this all the time. Treat homeowners as we want to be treated because we are in it for a long haul relationship with them…from now till they sell their home (and beyond). Our belief is that by creating a service that partners (inspectors and agents) pay for we can do right by everyone involved and not push ads or offers where they are unwanted. We hope you keep an eye on us and let us show you over time how we manage this well. Hope you have a great weekend. - Jack

You have a great weekend too!

Question came in about price and whether it was an across the board thing or as added ancillary service. Here’s a bulleted summary of thinking:

  • The value of HB is generally best accepted at about 10% of inspection price
  • If an inspector is comfortable and is good with taking the time to sell “add-ons”, it is an easy one, but if that’s not generally part of the sell, then I wouldn’t recommend it
  • Given the service delivers value back to the inspector through maintenance reminders to the homeowner, I’d work to a system where it is included on as many inspections as possible as that really maximizes the value
  • If you are a new inspector, I would not sell as an ancillary service / Add-on but rather do as part of all inspections
  • It can be a great “throw-in” to make the buyer feel like they are getting something for free. if you do that, then make sure to increase your inspection price by $10 and that will more than cover the cost of the service
  • If you are having discussions with your insurance carrier about liability claims, let them know you do this as it could help work you a lower rate
  • It is straight math in a way. Is it better to sell 80% of jobs at $50 or 100% of jobs where you’ve increased your base price by $40?

Each inspector or firm has to make their own decision about which approach is better. The goal should be the same - to grow next year’s revenue by more than a standard Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) which is typically 3%. For inspectors that haven’t changed their price in over 3 years then they may be already 10% or more behind.

lower CT and lower NY state are definitely leading the charge on the east coast with home inspections hovering around $1100 or so. Much of that comes through ancillary add-ons like Radon, water testing, environmental reports, recall services etc.

I wanted to get an update out that we are in the process of releasing a lower cost option of HomeBinder for $29 a month. No branding but you can still give your clients the premium version of HomeBinder (otherwise $12 a year to a homeowner) that includes our recall notification service and unlimited storage. The $49 a month branding option will remain in place for those that are interested.

If you are interested, we’ll honor the previous offer of 60 days for free for those that sign up in the next month (through December 15, 2015).

Jack, tell me if you want that landing page modified.