Hope this saves a life.

I have had a couple of inspections, recently, where I called out household dangers that were dangerous, but easy and inexpensive to fix, but that the client ignored and someone got hurt. The client comes back to me, usually through their lawyer, and wants to sue. So, I am put in the very bad position of having to say to the client, the equivalent of “I told you so.”

Not good for repeat business and new referrals.

One recent case involved a house where they remodeled the kitchen (and new appliances) and the local big appliance store installers forgot to install the anti-tip bracket for the stove (they, regularly, just throw it away). The client’s 4 year old daughter leaned on the open oven door and the stove tipped over and two pots of boiling water fell on her and she has 2nd degree burns all over her head and shoulders. Not something that any of us wants to see, and would all like to prevent.

SO… I wrote another article. It’s about 10 (so far) commonly seen dangers in houses that are quick, easy and inexpensive to fix. Please read, review (if you have any suggestions) and pass on to your clients. I give Nick permission to put in the NACHI articles section for anyone to use, just file off the serial numbers and change some of the content (better that way).

As I always say, plagerism is the highest form of flattery.

If it saves a life or an injury, it will be worth it, many times over.

Hope this helps;

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Great article William.

Thanks, Will. Good public service announcements…

Thanks Will.
I write all these all the time , and I get criticized all the time for it by agents., However, I continue to do it. Thank you for posting this and is great information

Thanks guys. I hate it when Agents criticize. If they do, I just start criticizing their sale contracts. They tell me I can’t do that because I am not a licensed agent. I then say, “Exactly!”.

Seriously, I also find that they help with google rankings.

Save a life and get better Google rankings. Win…Win


This is not to insult only offer my opinion to help give you a non just kiss up opinion and hopefully make people like it more. Again it is no big deal I just do not myself care for it.

The blue 1 inch fade from the right hand side. What is it’s reason? I find it annoying and distracting and do not see any benefit to it. Again I feel the need to apologize because I am constantly thought of as a trouble causing jerk and I seriously only want to help. Just my 2 cents good luck and keep up the good work. I hope you receive my critique in the manner it is intended and not as an insult of any kind. Best of luck. I need to start doing stuff like you are for my sites.

Very nice write ups William. I feel bad for the scalded little girl. To not take your advice and then come back at you is just plain stupid.

Nice job Will…very well done and thank you for sharing.

I hope so too Will at least you are doing your part to get the word out.


FYI, there’s a typo in the anti-tip section:


Nice Job Will…

Very well written. Thank you and keep it up!