Horizontal crack in brick veneer

Interested in some input on possible causes for a long horizontal crack between the first and second course of bricks. Came across this in a one year old house this week. The pictures do not really show the crack well. House was a slab foundation in sort of a U shape. One side of the U was the garage. The other was a den. In between there was patio. The Den side had some significant movement (from drainage problems I think) that warrant structural engineer input, so I am recommending further investigation anyway. The garage side had the cracking described above. It was present on both sides but worse on the patio side. I am just interested in possible causes for my own education and for the future when I may see something similar in a home that doesn’t obviously require a structural engineering evaluation.


Long horizontal crack… did you notice an bowing when looking from a side angle?

No. And the bricks did not seem loose when touched.


I’m missing something here,what pictures are you talking about?

The ones that I took but did not post here because the problem is not really visible on them.