Recently I inspected a detached two-car cinderblock garage that had two wide cracks than ran from roof to foundation on opposite sides near the area where the ridge beam was supported. The cracks were slightly wider at the bottom. The cracks went through the blocks, so that light was visible through the cracks. These were not step cracks, but traveled staight down, cracking through the center of some blocks.

I have attached photos, but they are not very good. There was a large amount of junk in the garage, and the structure in question was flanked closely by other garages, so a good angle/shot was not available.

Any idea what caused this?

Thanks for your help.

Dean Conrad

If the cracks were wider at the bottom and are near a load bearing point (I-Beam), good chance the load up top could be too heavy and possibly affecting the footing. Are CMU’s supposed to be filled where they are supporting a greater load?


Cant give an opinion from CA as the bricks are usually a veneer covering and not structural in nature.