Hot. neutral & ground attached to ground clamp

What’s going on here? The hot, neutral and ground wire are connected to this ground clamp. is this correct? what are the implications of doing this?

Looks like they used a piece of old NM cable to bond the water pipe. What’s going on with the other end of this cable?


Come on, David! If the hot, neutral and ground were all connected what would happen?



That requires a lick test


They did not have a sufficient AWG wire so they attempted to “make it up” by using all 3 wires for the ground connection. Hopefully, at the panel end the same 3 wires were connected to ground. I have seen this type of non-professional workmanship often, particularly in rural areas. “I don’t have the time to go all the way to the supply house and back before chores so this will work”. Note: “Non-professional workmanship” versus “amateur”. Amateur just indicates that the person is not paid. I have often seen “amateurs” do better work than some paid pros.

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No 6 gauge wire.

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Bonding strap. (Suspect)
Bonding is used to reduce the risk of electric shocks to anyone who may touch two separate metal parts when there is a fault somewhere in the supply of electrical installation.


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