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I run into this on occasion with Bathtubs where the hot and cold control (2) handles are mounted along with the faucet on the top of the tub. Also have looked at some other forums and found “Code” really is up for interpretation. Plumbers also argue this back and forth as I have found in their forums) Should the Hot be on the Left from where you would normally Fill the tub (standing outside)? Or should it be on the Left when using the Tub (inside)? {The latter being the position you most likely would get something Scalded that might be more important or sensitive just than a finger tip}
I can see good arguments for each, most people expect Hot to be on the left (standard and habit) and many handles do not even indicate hot or cold.

My opinion is that it should be “on the left when in the tub” because that is the way the faucet/fixture is pointed and also could prevent scalding of a somewhat more captive audience…
What is your opinion and do you report this? From today’s inspection

Yes, I agree. We had a discussion about this very same thing shortly ago. :smile:

And you didn’t send me out the engraved invitation?
Did you discuss the Standardization of the water controls associated with designer and the most glamorous… of kitchen faucets?

I asked the boss. :smile:


The human brain will be looking for “hot” to the right of the direction the spout is facing (or the left if the spout is facing you), even if you’re standing outside of the tub. Since the spout is facing toward the inside of the tub, the “hot” should be to the left of that just like on any other faucet; especially once you’re inside the tub or things will get very very confusing.

Unless you have a French brain like me. You always fill the tub and adjust the water temperature outside of the tub first, so the hot on the left works.
When in a tub shower, the water is set to temp, before I walk jump in.
So the guy had the right idea.
No confusion, once inside the tub, if the water gets cold, time to get out anyways.


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IRC: P2722.2 Hot water. Fixture fittings and faucets that are supplied
with both hot and cold water shall be installed and
adjusted so that the left-hand side of the water temperature control
represents the flow of hot water when facing the outlet .

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a general agreement.

“a consensus view” ·
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general opinion/view · majority opinion/view · common opinion/view

Me, too…

Yep… reversed plumbed.


I wonder how many times they screwed up the water temp in the tub while they were in it? LOL

National Standard Plumbing Code:

7 .3.6 Orientation and Operation of Faucets
Where fixtures are supplied with both hot and cold water, the faucet(s) and supply piping shall be installed so that the hot water is controlled from the left side of the fixture or faucet when facing the controls during fixture use.

Then how about this…
This fits Mr. Fetty’s … reversed plumbed
What does the IRC have to say?

Is this how they install them in France :rofl:

Looks like a New York fad to me. LOL

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Still cold till you turn it left of the upright position!