Left handed plumber or not?

I don’t think this is a big deal, but I will ask anyway. The pic is of a whirlpool bath, no surround, sitting in an enclosure, standing in front of it, filling the bath, hot is on the left, but sitting in the tub its on the right. It all looks original to the house, which was built by a professional builder using professional subs, and it would have been inspected by code inspector.


I make note of it if the hot is not on the left while facing the valves but if they are marked Its not that big a deal.

Cold is traditionally on the right because most people are right handed and that is where the pump handle was when plumbing came indoors. Long before there was instant hot water to be had.

Most people fill their tubs before entering, so H on the left is appropriate.

If marked, or there is no shower controlled by the same faucet, no big deal. If the client is present, I always have them come look and ask what they consider hot and explain.

Its not earth shattering, but I’d mention the typical install is with the hot on the left and this is reversed.

If accessible it is an easy fix two 12 inch burst proof flex hoses and cross the pipes on the install . about $12.00 material cost

Coupla bucks and no contractor required…


The Plumber was Mexican.
They always put it reversed.

Do you take a bath on the floor or in the tub? ;-):wink:
When you turn the water on in the shower, are you looking at the fixtures or, do you do it from behind the wall? :wink: All of the local AHJs I have spoken with on this said, “hot is on the left, when facing the fixture”.

Usually, when I find the above picture, there are also a couple of others that are backwards. If they are the single throw Moens, it takes about 30 seconds to correct.

As for passing the code inspection, there is no electric present when the plumbing inspection is done, and the inspector is just going by the pipes he can, “wants” to see. Maybe that is why they color code PEX.

I inspected one home and the entire home was plumbed backwards. They tried a version of the “fix a tap”, (magic marker). The county inspector wasn’t amused…

My uncle Stanley was a Master plumber.

He taught me “Hot on the left, cold on the right, s hit flows downhill, the boss is an A-hole, and payday is Friday.”

I am my son’s boss. He agrees with my uncle…

I would make note of it in the report. Children are the ones that are at greatest risk of a scalding injury and they quickly learn by association hot is on the left. I think this is the primary reason AHJs pay close attention to this.

In Canada we have required tempering valves for some time so this does not happen .

I adjusted mine to 115°F and also have an instant hot water at all taps .
It saves water and is convenient no waiting for hot water .
I do shut it of in the summer .