"Hot" Panel

Had this one a few weeks ago. I could feel the heat walking up to panel. Home was being flipped :roll:. Buyer walked (numerous issues) so I didn’t get any updates on repairs. Any ideas what would cause this amount of heat?



Typically a poor connection (loose or high resistance). The lug is the most common (looks like the feeder conductor has slipped under the lug), but could be where it bolts to the bus too.

Good find. The homeowner should be alerted as I would consider that to be an acute hazard. With those temps the affected components should be replaced.

loose connection.

At that temp I would expect to see the Insulation hanging of the wire …

That is real hot .You should be able to smell it instantly I would think.

I did :wink:

Classic high resistance connection. Defer to electrician.

One reason electricians should use a torque wrench when making those connections, especially with aluminum conductors.

Like this.

Yes sir…loose connection/quite high resistance…:shock: Needs attention by *qualified electrician,*yesterday.

Good find HG Robert.
We typically don’t see this in residential inspections.
We find them more often on commercial/industrial infrared electrical inspections.

Silver Line Inspection 2014 001.jpg

Thanks for posting. I bet some would never think it could get that warm.

This find just might have saved the home .
I think it was close to exploding into a raging fire .

I never saw one that warm. I have seen them pretty damn hot but not that hot.

I 110% agree. :smiley: Most lugs are not tightened to spec which cases issues like this. Tighter isn’t always better. Its like a plumbing connection. To loose it leaks, tight enough can leak over time, properly tightened no leak ever, over tightened will strip the connection and a leak will occur.

The good news is the panel bass bunny ears (loops in the wire) so the overheated section can be cut off with the undamaged portion properly torqued to spec.

In the very least the whole main breaker assembly will need to be changed out since the lug is toast as well as the plastic behind it.

And yes, a thermal tester is IMO good for an HI to have. :slight_smile:

So I’d like to know if you turned on more electrical stuff in the house and see just how hot it gets?

yeah…thats a bit (honestly) high…indeed call that out for evaluation at the highest level your report denotes. Immediate evaluation from a licensed electrical contractor.

Yes, that was done. :wink:

Hi Robert,

Just a quick question, did you consider not opening the panel considering the extreme heat you felt radiating from it?

Great question! …huh?

Opening a panel that is already known to need service because of it radiating heat probably is not needed.

The risk may not be worth any additional information you learn.