Hot PIC: Another Certified Master Inspector inspection truck.

Just received my truck back from lettering. Drove it about 25 miles this weekend doing odds and ends and already received two calls.



You can say that again!

In 23 years of performing inspections, I’ve never seen an inspection company vehicle like that. Beautiful. With separate AC on top, do you have a little office of camper set up in there as well? Is the propane tank on the roof for the truck? Is that a diesel powered vehicle? Sorry for all the questions, I’m way too excited about that truck…

If I didn’t drive 30K miles per year, I’d have one of those babies for sure!

You should bring it to the ITA Expo next year. Maybe you could have a side line business selling custom inspection vehicles…

Here is a show on the truck:

That’s the most beautiful inspection vehicle I’ve ever seen! It’s even got a little canoe on the roof rack in case you need to inspect a home on an island!

Thanks guys. If you drive 30K miles a year is the exact reason you need one of these trucks! 26 mpg and rides well. I am actually a little OCD about keeping it clean and waxing it. Nothing worse than a nice truck that is all dirty and not well maintained. I am new to the Mercedes diesel engine but if it performs as well as the research shows I should have this for a long time!

Awesome truck Russell. After watching that video a few months back I was curious as to if any inspectors would buy. Did you get the truck after seeing the NACHI.TV episode?

David, nice job! It turned out great.

Actually no, I went to a conference in Dallas once and Don Kin was there and I saw the van. Then I saw the video which once again sparked my interest. Then my old van wasgetting up there in miles and instead of buying a less expensive van I figured why not get a rolling billboard. After some number crunching I did find outthe van would be worth the price. I was right this van wil pay for itself. I was a smart move. Thanks for the compliments Dom


WOW is right, that truck is a eye catcher for sure. Looks like its well worth the money.
The truck has everything you need to plus advertising to boot!!!