Hot Pic of NACHI.TV crew shirt logo.

What does the other side look like. :shock:

I think she has it on backward. :wink:

Hot dang…I spilled my coffee :smiley:


Yes I do like that Shirt! :wink:

what shirt?

er, yeah, nice shirt…:shock:

UHHHHHH!!! sorry the drull made my H button stick

Put that in a football pool and see how many guesses you get. WOW.:mrgreen:

How come the binoculars I won didn’t look like that? :cry:


Nice recovery, Steven. :smiley:

What’s a drull???

That’s how public school kids in Florida spell “drool”.

Hope this helps; :mrgreen:

Thanks Will. I thought it was a symptom of something serious.:stuck_out_tongue:

from a game the grandkids play
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid) Level 25
Health 800
Reaction Alliance

Affiliation Orgrimmar
Location Hillsbrad Foothills [75.3, 41.6]](

The condition of public education in Florida IS serious, Linus. Sad, really :wink:

Looks like the younin’s in Texas are not far behind :mrgreen:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Nice 'Noculars . . .

Jesus Mary & Joseph! TERRIFIC “NOCS” :oops:
**Now it seems that Lavender is my favorite color! \:D/ **