Odd sized NACHI Shirts

Today I recieved my two (button down long sleeve and polo) NACHI shirts so generously provided by Nick. Thanks.

One point:

I see it now. This is a cruel conspiacy, at NACHI’s highest levels, aided and abetted by Nick’s new assistant, Lisa.

These guys are trying to get me out of my orange shirts!!!

How low have we sunk. Mere khaki and deep blue! Indeed.

Have you no shame? Do you feel no guilt?

Have you no fashion sense?

Where is Russel Ray when you need him?

I request, ney, I DEMAND, a full investigation by the ESOP. If you thought the “tapegate” thing was big, just wait! Before I am done, the Feds will be involved. Don’t forget, I am from Chicago. We have ways of ‘takin’ car of business’, if you know that I mean. Can you say ‘CMU SNEAKERS’? Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Say no more.

I await my justice…, and my revenge!

(Please Note: The above is sarcastic. All of it. Except for the thanks.)

(Please Note: The directly above is for all of those who lack a sense of irony.)

(Please Note: The directly above is for those who are electricians. This is a joke.)

(Please Note: The directly above is for those who don’t know what irony or sarcasm means.)

Now, back to the adult beverage.

At a boy Will \:D/ :-({|= :lol:

Wink wink.
Nod nod.
Know what I mean? eh?

Shades of Monty Python.

You are now being returned to your adult beverage, Will!

Hey, Spiggs;

I double dog dare you to move away from your fishing image and do a “metro-sexual” thing.

Double, double dog dare!

Are you man enough? :mrgreen:

"It’s only a (missing 2 legs) flesh wound!
Come on, then, fight like a man!

Seriously, though, it would be sacreligious *(no slight intended) *to see you in other than Big Orange.
Time for another Special Order.

Is this a Cheese Shop?

Blessed be the cheese makers. :mrgreen:

Ooooh…does this mean that if I go check the mail I may have received my odd sized, short, chubby, woman sized NACHI shirts? :smiley: YAY! :smiley:

I’ve been **sized **up as being odd–do I get a shirt???