Hot PICs: More than 3,000 home inspectors attend InterNACHI's 2016 Texas Convention.

OK, maybe not that many, but it was a packed house.

CMI booth:

InterNACHI staffers. Cherise, Michelle, Lizbeth, Lena, Chloe, Kim, April.

Even the registration table was huge:

Flat screen signs everywhere:



Every attendee got a bag of prizes:


InterNACHI cowgirls everywhere:

InterNACHI cowgirls everywhere:

Vendor hall packed:

Classrooms packed:

Michelle rides the Aflac duck:

Trailer displays in parking lot:

Inspector Outlet donated 3,500 pounds of door prizes and gave away nearly $12,000.00 worth of inspection tools and meters.

TPREIA Founder Paul Roebuck with Nick Gromicko:

OK now tell us the juicy side stories.

Rows of breakfast:


Wow. looked great!

Your sure put on a spread.

That was just breakfast. We did a huge lunch and snacks each day. We had a lot of food left over each meal and so took it to the homeless shelter every day.

Congratulations .
Glad it went well , we always enjoyed every convention we attended and that was many .