InterNACHI membership in Texas tops 1,000 inspectors.

Oh yeah!!!

Party time…a group of the Board + Fred Buck just got back from a two day seminar in Lubbock with those boys and girls. What a good bunch.
A good deal of time was spent on the CSST topic and those of you who missed it…really missed it.
Gerald Jamail, Mark Kissee joined me from the Board to put on the class.
Also on the schedule was an exploratory meeting with a small earnest group of inspectors who rightly feel that a Chapter in this greater area is important.
Please contact James Price or Jeremy Hunley
They are having a founders planning meeting to determine the protocols for the chapter.
I really like these guys. Salt of the earth. Actually I am honored to be part of all of my Chapter leaderships.

Mike Cothran

Nick, thank you for your hard work and the many times you have personally helped individual inspectors such as myself. Every time I surf the site I give you and your team a thumbs up. John


Congratulations Nick! TPREIA is happy to be a part of this growth. Membership applications continue to flow into our Texas Offices. What a great team that InterNACHI and TPREIA has made. It had been a win, win situation for everyone. Thanks Nick for all that you do for Texas Inspectors and Inspectors across the World! We pray that God continues to bless you!

Paul Roebuck
TPREIA Founding President

not a doubt about why, 1K, WOW