Hot PICs: Now that's what I call an inspection van wrap.

InterNACHI member Robert Massanova’s inspection van. His brand colors carry right down to his shoes:

Even has a QR code.

Nice wrap!

very nice

Bob, how does one get a QR code?

A driving billboard. You can’t miss that going down the road. Good job Robert. I once had a guy come up to me at a gas station to inquire about an inspection. He told me he sees my vehicles all over the place. I only own one. :smiley:

I have QR codes on my brochures, business cards and vehicle. They’re very popular with the younger generation.

Interesting article on QR codes. “Marketing is a little bit like telling a joke, and the longer the joke, the better the punch line has to be — and [using] QR code is a really long joke.”

I have never taken out my phone to scan one. It’s faster for me to manually type the name of your company into Google on my phone than for me to load a scanning program. Just a thought.

Thanks Nick,
Branding was a big factor. All the guys on my team were the black and gold. It’s true that I am asked how many vehicles do I have on the road too. I always say I lost count.

QR codes are still up and coming but it is important to be ahead of the curve

And don’t forget the InterNachi Logo!!!

That is so smart.