Hot PICs of InterNACHI University complex which will contain the House of Horrors.

InterNACHI University has been built out and we’re cleaning up after construction. This thread contains some PICs.

InterNACHI will soon be awarding actual, accredited college degrees in inspections.

The complex will also house the House of Horrors, a complete house with thousands of defects, constructed inside a two-story commercial building.

To learn more about the status of InterNACHI University, jump to this thread:

To learn more about the status of the House of Horrors, jump to this thread:

Let’s start out with the most important room.

Because we forsee InterNACHI University operating around the clock to serve the entire world (InterNACHI is currently in 65 countries) we have nice showers.

Yes ladies, this is what they look like:

The Inspector Library will have all of InterNACHI’s many inspection textbooks. as well as construction product literature.

Hall leading to the House of Horrors.

Inspector training labs.

Information booth at entrance. Kim smiling as usual. The booth will contain literature from all inspection industry vendors.

Another beautiful inspector lab.

Hallway on left leads down to Mark Cohen’s office. Mark is now our full-time general counsel.

Jesse, Daryl, Lizbeth and Kim discussing how to layout the InterNACHI Inspector Marketing Department.

Maybe this has already been asked & answered - will the credit hours be obtained by classroom attendance or will it be available through online learning?

Both. And a totally new way:

The inspector will be able to virtually walk through the House of Horrors and do a visual inspection. With a simple headset, inspectors will be able use a smart phone and move their head to “look” around the room. This technology places the remote inspector right into the House of Horrors.

This is the first step in the owner of a multi-inspector firm being able to attend multiple inspections at the same time by outfitting his assistant inspectors with technology that allows the owner to accompany his assistant inspectors on their inspections virtually, from a central location.

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This area will contain all the house and commercial property system and component displays for inspector training.

My favorite appliance. :smiley:

Kim, Jesse, Ben, Lizbeth, Daryl. We’ll be using the building for commercial inspection training based on the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. InterNACHI University is going to offer a major in commercial property inspections.

Plenty of parking.

Enormous university complex.

Interior windows keep staff, members, instructors, and students, all interconnected… just like the InterNACHI family is now.

Two loading docks. One of the things we are bringing in is an entire above-ground concrete tank septic system for training purposes.