Hot PICs of recent Puerto Rico NACHI Chapter meeting with Russell Spriggs.

Hey Russ. Any fish down there? :wink:

John, the commercial guys are hurting a bit, as I understand it; some kind of proposed legislation tax is gonna make them even worse.
Sportfishing seems to be alive and well, but I arrived on Friday evening & left out on Monday morning, so had really very little time for fun stuff - but I crammed some in!

All Saturday was taken up with NACHI. Hosts Juan & Mary Ayuso were fantastic as both chapter leaders and Sunday Tour Guides; San Juan’s beaches & Old San Juan were fascinating, and I was introduced to a fermented drink concocted by the natives called MAVI (mah-VEE).

Brewed from a tree’s roots & leaves, it goes down smooth as apple cider (tastes like it, too). Very refreshing! One shaved ice vendor kept a gallon jug tucked under the ice block, & sold 16 oz cups for $1.00. We about ran him dry . .
Next time I’ll see if we can just buy the jug for $10 & be done with it!

Tried some local brews, all outstanding. Goat was superb. Bacardi 151 was $11 a bottle.
Drivers were insane, motorcyclists had a death wish, nobody is dumb enough to ride a pedal bike. Beautiful country, fantastic people, eager and dedicated Home Inspectors.
Mary is teaching HI classes not only to Puerto Rican (U.S.) citizens, but to other US citizens as well, who want to learn in Spanish. They come from all over the States to her classes. She’s been in the biz for at least 12 years, taught it at the U of Miami, is a FEMA inspector, and is in the process of establishing new HI’s in their business throughout the island as well as down into Latin America.

Juan, when he has a chance to get a word in ( a common joke down there!) also teaches & inspects. That’s him in the tan shirt. Great guy, had a baseball career ahead of him but blew out his hip, they did a total replacement.

NACHI couldn’t ask for more dedicated & generous people than those two, and it was a real pleasure to be with them. The inspectors and students were among the finest people I’ve ever met.

Despite the fact that flights took a total of about 17 hours each way with layovers, I’d love to go back again as their chapter expands. A bunch of the attendees already sent me emails of appreciation- they were thrilled that NACHI cares about them, to send someone out to speak. They are really a motivated bunch.

Might even get to do some fishing next time!!!

That sounds like a good and worthwhile time Russ. I would post more but I got some fish to catch. :smiley:

Too hot for that here, John - at least for me!
I don’t go fishing in 95 deg