Welcome to the new Puerto Rico forum.

InterNACHI has 124 members in Puerto Rico.

Hello to All fellow Inspectors from Puerto Rico to the World.
Nick, I am so very happy that you have help us so much.
Thank you for openning this section. I hope that all inspectors interested in participating in our biggest event go to our page an register take a plane and come on over on Dec. 6 & 7 we have the best of the best. Good continuing education seminars, great sponsors and of course wonderful food, 84 degrees and a tipical puertorican christmas party.
What else can you ask for…:):p:D

MAVI ??? Ask Russ
Hope to see you all here with NICK

Good Luck to you all in P.R. Looking forward to meeting you when I go to visit other family.

Oh wait we are Family!!!

One big NACHI family!!!


You are totally right WE ARE FAMILY soooooooo… if you visit Puerto Rico and don’t call me you will have a big problem

That goes to all NACHI FAMILY Inspectors you visit my island you call me and we will at least see you and meet at the very least.

Thank you again Hope some of you will be able to come to our December activity it will be great.

Do not see the pictures later and say I should have been there soo go to our event page, register and fly down.

Hope to see you “FELIZ NAVIDAD”


To our new family of Home Inspectors in the warm Caribbean sun from us from the frozen Great White North.:slight_smile:

Hello Mary,
I will be in our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico from the 27 Nov to 8 December. I noticed in your Mega Seminario (6 & 7 Diciembre) that you are offering $250.00 membership to…InterNachi??.
While I’m in the island if I decide to attend the seminario, cual es el costo?

Hopefully, in the next two-three years we are moving back to PR (Retirement Fed Goverment DOD) and might consider continuing my business in Mayaguez were my wife and I Alma Mater is located (CAAM) Colegio!!! I will like to know what other requirements are in PR that I will need to transfer my business there. In our area we are the #1 HI company of choice.

Todo parece que ustedes estan haciendo muy bien. Saludos!!

John M. Acaron
[FONT=Verdana]Owner & President[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]BS Mechanical Engineer[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]TD Mechanical Engineer[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]Indoor Air Consultant[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial]
[FONT=Times New Roman]CHI # 0407175
Office: 850-814-3889

Hello John:
Yes is does include it. Also if you go thru the NACHI PUERTO RICO web page you can reserve the space. And it has a map. I will try to call you so I can explain. Ok
Saludos… y Gracias

Thank You Gerry. Hope to see in Puerto Rico some day soon.

Hey guys and girls!

   I would like someone to send me some pictures of typical Puerto Rican style homes, to add to my private gallery of photos. You can email them to harold@cannachi.org I thank you in advance. It would also be nice if some of you were to jump on the Nachi message board, and participate in some of our discussions. I'm sure you must have valuable knowledge, we could all share.

It is our pleasure to participate in all other forums. We have in the past and we will keep on participating. I have also encourage all Puerto Rico members to do so.
Thank you for your suggestion and I will send some pictures very soon.

My wife and I plan to visit your fair island in the next few years. Hope to see you then. In the mean time - stay warm!

Do any of the NACHI members here actually do home inspections?

Why do I get the feeling there are 124 people in Puerto Rico who have no idea what the hell they are doing???

It has become very obvious that NACHI’s reason to exist is to confuse and defraud the home buying public.

Well done, Nick, you have sucked in thousands of people, and most of them are broke

Bill Mullen.

It is not worth aswering something so not inteligent from you.

At any other time and with a diffrent tone i will be glad to speak about all that we have done here in the great island of
Puerto Rico.

Saludos y si me entiendes no seas tan bruto y grosero.

Ah thats awesome! I always wanted to move to Puerto Rico - maybe i can do some more discussions with you about my idea …

What did you do to get our Peurto Rican friends upset? Does your reputation precede you.:mrgreen::twisted::wink:

We can discuss ideas when ever you have the time and the ideas and themes are very intelligent conversation and anything we do to grow as people and inspectors.

Well Gerry it is a mystery to me!! All I can think is that Mary and one very upset member who sent me a private message have mistaken the meaning of “fair” as in " fair island".

So if that is the case let me make myself clear ; " fair " as in " beautiful" or " wonderful" or “heavenly”. If anyone of our Puerto Rican friends took the use of the word to mean " average" or “not so good” I apologize! My Wife and I can visit any number of “average” Islands. Puerto Rico is far from average and we still intend to visit!

Actually George.
There was a post from Wand or one of the others that was just after yours, that wasn’t to nice (something about the qualifications of the members there). I guess it was deleted and left you holding the ball there. I wish if they delete a message they at least leave some sort of marker.

Well someone left a bunch of markers all over my back side !!!:D:D:D:shock:

Fair means “lovely” as in “My Fair Lady”


“free of clouds” as in “Today it will be fair and warm”