Hot water circuit breaker

What do you do when you run into a house where the water heater circuit breaker is off? Do you flip the beaker? Do you check that the water supply valves are open? Or do you document what you see? Such as, “breaker was off and unit was not tested”?

document what you see? Such as, “breaker was off and unit was not tested”?

Breakers off stay off ,They had a reason .

It would depend, but more than likely, I would turn it on.

And would you stay there long enough to check the water temp.
If not then you might have left your self open for a law suit as the water might be too hot??? and some one got burnt???

I’d check some things and then turn it on.

I check it out, if things look good then I turn it on, but I turn it off too. Many houses are owned by the bank and turned off during the winterization process.

If you are not qualified to check things out and decide whether or not it should be turned on then who does, a plumber?

We also turn on the water and breakers. Yes I have flooded three homes and cleaned it up. Never cost me more than twenty minutes of my time. One flood was from a washing machine(not connected properly) one was and overflowing toilet and one was a disconnected shower drain. I have had two hot water tanks leak after I turned them on. I turned them off and wrote them up. It is part of doing business, but I have no basements and a crew to look while we turn things on.