Hotel Discounts for InterNACHI's Professional Inspector Convention on October 15-17, 2020

InterNACHI has secured discounted rates for hotels for our 2020 Convention!

Visit InterNACHI’s Pro Inspectors Convention Hotel Discounts page for additional details.

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Hey Brian:
Nobody is requiring that you go to the convention. You make the decision based upon your needs and resources. If you don’t feel like attendance is a good business decision don’t go. It really is as simple as that.



I highly doubt that. We are a non-profit organization.
Knowing Nick, the total fees collected have most likely been determined to be a loss, compared to expenses.
Good luck & see you there! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe you’ve never been to a business conference, but they all have a fee to attend. You are responsible for transportation costs, lodging, etc.

You can learn quite a bit, meet with vendors, chat with fellow inspectors, take some time away from the daily grind, etc.

Frankly, your “issues” are your own, lots of people go to conferences to learn, and education isn’t always free. Sometimes investing in knowledge can be invaluable.

You’re too kind… … … :wink: