House Built In 2005

What would cause shingles to fishmouth so early on. Check out the photos. How would you write it up? I have seen this twice on home’s this new recently. Would you place this in the report summary? I did and want to find out what you guys think.

Lifting shingles right plane.JPG

Lifting shingles right plane.JPG

Lifting shingles right plane.JPG

Shingles are fishmouthing-repair as needed.JPG

Nails on the lower course of shingles were not set. Happens when someone is using a nail gun and does not bother to take the time to set those nails that do not set flush. I just re-roofed my own home and a roofing nail gun will not set the nail if it hits another nail, low pressure (rare) or near the end of the coil, gun not at the right angle. I took the time to set the nails so it would not do just what you are seeing, plus eventually the nail head will work through the shingle and viola you got a potential leak.

Thanks. I did not know that. It is important that the client is made aware of this right? There must be approx 10-15 shingles up there like that. What is the best way to remedy this?

Hey Paul,
Yup, Doug got it right…its called high nails and needs to be called out because they will wear a hole in the shigle above, It is a fairly easy repair, but if the shingles have sealed they will need to be resealed by hand with an approved sealant.

Thanks again. Do you see this often. The realtor that I went over this with suggested that this was me being too picky. I don’t think so but at the same time a good explanation is important. Thanks for your input. You helped me by validating the call and explaining the reason. Much appreciated.

Yup, I see it all the time now that evereryone in their wrong mind uses a nail gun. It can also happen when a nail gets drived into a seam in the plywood below or are using the wrong length of nail. The guys who roof nowdays nail as fast as lightning, disreguardig quaility. IMO the only way to nail is by hand, then you have the feel for how well the nail is set. A nail gun gives you no felling at all.


Once the nail works it’s way up as the wood expands and contracts it will pop through the shingle leaving the nail penetration succeptible to water intrusion.

Your call is a good one, definatly NOT to picky and it’s an easy fix.

ONce that nail pulls up it WILL leak. Dont you just love those realtors?? That one should go get a real job.

Do not try to redrive the nail it will just work its way out again. Pull the nail and add roofing sealent to the hole and the tab.