Feedback on this Roofjob PLEASE

This is a recent roof job. Contractor says he did a great job, I have some concerns. He used pieces of shingles in the courses, overlapped them, numerous nails not on Surenail flange, 75 plus nails up 1/8" to 1/4", some through shingle already, nails close to seams, staggers less than 4", Silver underlayment visible in some areas not in others … on and on.

Looking at these photos … should I be concerned? thanks

I hope this url works … I am new at this …

Not being a member your photos do not post on the forum. You can post them at a third party site such as photo bucket and provide a link here for members to view and comment on them.

This is a link to the photos:

In my opinion that looks like a horrible install from your images. I would be pretty pissed at just about everything that you took photos of.

There are some issues… They didn’t follow manufacturer directions.

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Totally unacceptable install. No question about it.

Contractors should need a “nail gun” license! Where’s Hillary? We need “gun control”!!