House Explosion

The Fire Dept. thinks it was a natural gas explosion. The homeowner stumbled out to his yard and collapsed. He is in critical condition.

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Me thinks the man needs a new house ???:roll:

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That happened kitty korner from my old house right after I moved.

Turned out to be meth.

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Wow, I feel terrible for the homeowner. any info on others involved?

2 of my friends were involved in a water heater explosion 6 months ago and are still seriously messed up. they are a GC and a plumber- could happen to anyone.


Well, I said I’d post what I look like everyday (although the haircut is new). But okay, we’ll go back to playful. :wink: Or I can try to take a current “playful” pic with the new haircut. :wink:

Natural gas explosion a few years ago in Bellevue, Wa. killed a woman and completely destroyed the house. Caused by a miswired cathodic protection system. I’ve worked with cathodic protection and if it’s wired backwards it can accelerate corrosion, which is what happened to the gas pipe here.

yes I remember that James. I grew up in Bellevue. How awful for the homeowners.