House Explodes in Milwaukee WI

Apparent gas leak caused this house to explode. Apparently, no casualties. Very lucky.

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Working link to exploded house

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Wow someone’s butt will be kicked

So, what do the 45 of you that don’t turn off the gas in this post think[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]?[/size][/FONT]

At least you cannot say the housing market is not booming. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Chicago area, our Chapter has a partnership with the local gas company, People’s Energy. Their VP, John Saigh, spoke at our last meeting.

The partnership has been that they train us (2 days, 12 hours of state approved CE) and we get a direct cell phone number to him. If we see any safety issues, we can call him and get a gas crew, on site, within 10 minutes.

Let the contractor or seller or local codies argue with the gas company :mrgreen:

They get a bunch of trained, state licensed inspectors out there looking for problems. AND they help to keep their liability down.

Whenever there is a problem, or an exposion, the first ones they TRY to blame is the local gas company.

Most times, it is the owner who attempted to install their own water heater and used flex pipe (not allowed, around here) or used regular pipe dope or Teflon tape (as opposed to gas pipe dope) or didn’t check for leaks, but they try to blame it on the gas company. It should be noted that ONLY state licensed plumbers are allowed to install water heaters, around here. BUT, given the lack of government involvement, oversight ans responsibility (you can’t sue the State), these things happen.

Hope this helps;