"House Key News" a monthly newsletter for those in the real estate industry.

Hey everyone:

My dear friend Russel Ray, an InterNACHI member since March 2003, is bringing his 50 years of real estate experience to InterNACHI members through his new venture, House Key News.

Russel was a Southern California home inspector from October 2001 to December 2015, a Realtor in Texas from 1978-1983, a General Contractor in Texas from 1982-1993, a property renovator from 1973-2003 in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California. He has owned a roofing company, a pool & spa construction company, a landscaping company, and a heating and cooling company. Most members probably know him because of his marketing expertise, which he has always been willing to share with InterNACHI members.

House Key News is a monthly newsletter dedicated to real estate professionals and their clients. For InterNACHI, that means YOU can subscribe to House Key News, upload a list of your clients’ emails, and he’ll send a monthly email House Key News newsletter to all your Clients on your behalf.

The email newsletter is customized so that it looks like it came directly from you and not Russel or House Key News. There will be three flavors available: email HTML newsletter, a standalone HTML version that you’ll be able to put on your web site, and a PDF version for easy printing. There will be a flip book version, too, but it will only be available at the House Key News web site. There will be slight variations in formatting between the different versions but otherwise they will be the same.

Typical email statistics will be available: opens, click throughs, forwarding, sharing to social media, etc.

Russel has made a House Key News subscription extremely affordable, and there is a discount for annual subscription paid in advance, a discount for InterNACHI members, and a special discount for InterNACHI newbies:

Monthly subscription: $39 ($468 for 12 months, paid monthly)
Annual subscription, i.e., 12 months paid in advance: $359 ($109 discount off the monthly subscription price)

InterNACHI members monthly subscription: $29 ($348 for 12 months, paid monthly)

InterNACHI members annual subscription, i.e., 12 months paid in advance: $279 ($69 discount off the monthly subscription price)

At commencement, there is no limit on the number of email addresses in your client list, and no price variance for number of email addresses either. That probably will change 3-6 months from now so if you want the best bang for the buck, get a an annual subscription now to lock in the rate for 12 months.

And, just for our InterNACHI newbies, if you have 25 or fewer email addresses in your client list, you get an automatic FREE 12-monthy subscription to House Key News.

Russel will have more information right here in the Vendors Forum in the next couple of days, including how to subscribe and how to upload your clients’ email addresses to him.

Meanwhile, here’s the PDF version of the July 2016 House Key News.: http://www.housekeynews.com/archive/2016/house-key-july-2016.pdf


Thanks Wayne.

Great stuff Nick and Russell !!!
Russell is 1 of the good guys and always very helpful to all.
I will use this for sure.