House of Bats

I got a call today from a lady that had Orkin remove bats from her home through sealing possible entry ways. Now Orkin is stating that she needs $5000 dollars in work to remove bat bugs, feces ect…

She would like a second set of eyes on the situation. Someone willing to go into the attic and document the condition of the attic for her.

I am supposed to talk to her about this again next week, I am unsure at this time if I want the job. I think it would possibly be better in a second pest control company did this work for her.

Do any of you do things like this for clients?
What are your experiences?
What should I be looking out for?


If there is that much up there be very very careful. were proper gear. I would refer to a pest control company

second opinion from another pest control company, theres lots of possible disease from bat poo…