House of Horror

I performed an inspection today where my Buyer simply told me to STOP the inspection. I was there for 45 minutes. I’d thought I’d share some pics with you all.

Note the concave deflection on the right side of the building

Note the bulge on the left side of the building

Upon entering the driveway, I noticed un-level lines everywhere

I normally inspect the basement last, but I wanted to see what this issue was right away. So upon entering the basement, I see this block wall that was installed (as an upgrade) with the slope of the floor. Very un-level.

Nice carrying beam, ayyy?

Here’s more…

Note the nice straight center carrying beam

This is how they supported a carrying beam to the foundation…

Same attachment to foundation…

Note the support above this 2 X 8…Nothing above it.

This is the foundation from the inside


Deal Killer…:shock:

Fisheye lens attachment gets 'em every time :shock: :wink:

and glad to see some of our “foundation repair guys” migrating to your neck of the woods

Yeah, I hate that when that happens. I should’ve saved this deal and told my buyer that houses typically lean due to the strong-winded New England blizzards. And continue with…In turn this causes the structural members (in the basement) to become a tad crooked and un-evenly spaced.

Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Yeah Barry,

I purchased the fish-eye lens simply to impress.

And tell your damn “foundation repair guys” to stay in their own town. Our homeowners can screw up their own repairs by themselves.

just what was it your Buyer didn’t like David ???

What a freaking mess, unreal (AGAIN:::))))

But as others pointed out, Dave is one deal killing Some-Bitch----:lol:—:lol:—O:)

My opinion…

well then i guess Dale was right :):p:D…lol

Yes sir-ee. The shi+box house’s (that are literally falling down) do not kill the deal by themselves, it’s simply my approach to my client. Maybe I should become a Blind Home inspector so these deals will finally go through.

It’s just like these 3 house’s that I ran into last year…

Due to the massive leans on these buildings, I got blamed for killing the deals. I am the one who made the damn buildings lean. Just blame it all on me. By now, I’m used to it.

Deal-Killer Dave

that has a nice ring to it…I think I hear a new logo in the making…just call deal killer Dave …

Dave, you had to have been in either Haverhill or Lawrence, just a guess.

if you would hold the camera right then there wouldn’t be a problem.

No Sir. These buildings are located in E.Boston and Cambridge.

Yeah Greg. I wish that were the case. The house would have sold.

I’m good with Photo Shop, but not in this particular case. Here’s closer proof…note the level house next door.

Wonder if that entry door sticks now and then. :roll:

With the excessive leaning going on there, they must shave that door annually.

Geez David, buildings like that in Italy cost extra. What is your problem anyway?:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: