Main Beam Support Looks Suspicious

I completed an inspection on a new construction house today. The house is a typical 1 1/2 story 1400sqft crawl space build. There is about a 6” gap between the masonry support columns and the main beam. The builder nailed some 2x4’s together to compensate. Building has passed the final building inspection but I have seen missed defects in the past when the building passed the final building inspections so thought I would get some other opinions. Thanks for any feedback.

Your pics didn’t load… You need to take your time and wait for them to completely load before advancing.


Pics should be uploaded now

In my opinion, 2x4’s nailed together to do not make an adequate post/column.

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Well you have two problems already. Beam splice not supported and crushing from bearing on a single 2x4. Kind of looks like wood isn’t treated either.

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Poor buildup beam lateral alignment. Beams not perfectly positioned parallel to one another. No visible fasteners.
Poor wood buildup column arrangement. Not evenly blocked together. Insufficient thickness on one side. Poorly secured at the top and bottom.
No visible footings.

Just curious. Is that a beam pocket? And the pipe?


That’s what I was thinking. That would be another issue

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Thanks for the feedback Yu. I have recommended further evaluation. Not sure how his passed building inspection.

Great points Robert thanks for your insight.

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It kind of looks like PT yellow pine. :thinking:

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They have the TPRV for the water heater extended through the floor. The pipe you see if the extension coming from the floor drain. I made a recommendation to have the pipe extended to the exterior but it has passed final plumbing inspection so my hands are tied. I make recommendations and move on

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The beam is sitting on the poured concrete foundation wall. Not sure what’s up with the wood plank. It was on each side. This whole build looks rushed and unprofessional.

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That’s pretty much the name of the game nowadays unfortunately. All the contractors are behind schedule and don’t have qualified help in many cases.