House with no gutters...

Hi all,

I looked at a five year old house today that was built with NO gutters. Strangly enough, none of the other houses in the neighborhood had gutters either. It is in a mountain area here in Colorado. My first thought was they had not installed them due to high snow that may rip them off. (but then thought “no”). I am going to suggest gutters be installed.

Any thoughts as to WHY there would be no gutters to begin with??:shock:

And [No] there were not 5 foot eves either.:shock:

Could see them not having gutters if they are slab on grade construction

Gutters are to keep roof water from doing damage. If the homes are constructed so that this will do no damage then no gutters

Here in Fl many homes do not have gutters. Good ground conditions and no basments thus no damage from roof water.


Understandable Richard, but this house has a basement,and basement windows with window wells.

Most homes in Steamboat area do not have gutters, only drip edge. In areas with high snow loads-they will be ripped off when that big slide comes off the roof.Eaves generally hang over enough to keep moisture away from house.
I would not call out lack of gutters for defect in this area(approx 95 % don’t have them)-your area may be different.
Hope this helps.

Three possibilites.

  1. Extended overhang which evidentally is not the case here.
  2. Gutterless system (louvers that turn rainfall to mist).
  3. A big problem.

If the home has a basement and no extended roof overhang it’s going to a problem.

I thought about the “high snow loads”, but why would that not apply to houses back east that get MUCH more snow, and they have gutters??:roll:


Might check with the local Gov Building Inspector – they approve all plans and ask the same question. This sort of a design - engineering issue