Housing prices in Canada

I thought this might be of interest to some of you as a comparison of housing prices in Canada and where they’ve gone in a year.


Should have invested some of that H.I. money in Alberta!!

I’ll bet home inspection fees have not increased in Calgary and Edmonton like the house prices have.

I think my prices are in the middle of the pack. 325 to 400 depending on the size and age of the house. If I was to keep up to the house price increases I should be charging 400.00 to 600.00.

Next year I’m going to go to 425 as the minimum.
Sure would like to hear from the other HI’s in this area.

My prices are the same as yours!! Here in the Calgary market there was a huge lack of inspections being done this spring and summer. Things have turned to more of a buyers market as of late. This has brought out a lot of low ballers. I did a pre sale last weekend for 350.00 on a Sunday, took me just over 3 hours. The pre purchase inspector showed up Monday afternoon told my client he only charges 225.00 and would like to inspect the place they are buying. My client tells me he was on the property less than an hour with the report done. No tool bag only a flash light and clip board!!! Sale went through as per my client with no defects mentioned. My report did have a number of defects including some very serious safety items regarding the electrical and others. I would love to up my rates but until these low ballers are gone I cannot see it happening!

Medicine Hat, AB is about par with you guys. I’ve just up-ped my price from 300.00 to 349.00 +GST for and average size house. Pillar to Post is 325.00 and a couple of others below the 250.00 to 299.00 mark. So far so good:) I don’t low ballers worry me…you get what you pay for. It takes my wife and I about 3 1/2 hours (7 man hours) from start to finish including on site report.

It’s funny how the oil market works. Not to long ago people out there were boarding up their houses and moving back to wherever they came from. All we need is for oil to go back to $40 a barrel. :frowning:

Just want to make My 2 cents worth .
toronto is NOT the only place in ONTARIO where there are HOUSES.
Just thought some realtors would want to know that!

Canada’s housing market braces for soft landing

Record inventory puts brakes on sales, prices

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Inman News


Existing-home sales in Canada fell 6.7 percent below their year-ago level in September, as for-sale inventory rose to a new high, according to seasonally adjusted figures provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association.
According to the Multiple Listing Service, some 38,890 homes were sold on a seasonally adjusted basis last month, down from 41,699 sales in September 2005. Sales sank 1.9 percent from the previous month, as activity slowed considerably in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, despite Saskatchewan posting its best sales month ever, CREA reported.
Seasonally adjusted new MLS residential listings reached a record 68,872 in September, up 4.8 percent from the same month last year. Last month’s growth in new listings rose by 2.3 percent from levels recorded in August, due to increases in Alberta, where listings hit a monthly high, and Ontario, where listings nailed a 16-year high.
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Sign up now!The national MLS residential average price rose 9.3 percent year-over-year to $277,470 in September. It was the first month this year in which the year-over-year increase in average price came in under 10 percent. The MLS residential average price reached its highest monthly level on record in Alberta and British Columbia.
“Canada’s housing market continues to head for a soft landing,” said CREA Chief Economist Gregory Klump. “With the housing market becoming more balanced, price gains are slowing down in a number of major markets. CREA’s October 2006 forecast indicates those trends will continue over the rest of the year and in 2007.”


They do have some in Ottawa!!:smiley: :mrgreen:
And Toronto is usually spelled with a capital" T"

Unfortunately low ballers will always be with us until the government passes some regulations that establish standards for this service.
My hope is that ASET has some success with getting the government to pass umbrella legislation that provides a frame work for self governed associations to set standards and certify their members.
The Government has set the precedent for the medical professions by passing legislation that provides for the Nurses, Midwives, Doctors etc. to setup their respective associations and police them.
About two years age ASET had the Minister of Labour convinced that this legislation was needed but APPEGGA (professional engineers) talked him out of it.
ASET brags about having a close association with APEGGA even though APEGGA has derailed ASET everytime.
For an update on ASET_APEGGA discussions go to http://www.aset.ab.ca/spc-intros.htm
Sorry for the tread drift but I had to say it.

Remember that the quality of our inspections are long remembered when price is soon forgot. I.M.H.O.

Too True Terry.

Here in Eastern Ontario ( where we also have houses) inpsections range usually around the $300. to $350 mark. There are low ballers and always will be. Take heart from that fact that this years crop of low ballers will be gone and a whole new set of fresh faces will appear next spring.:mrgreen: :shock: