Houston Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector

talks about slab on grade foundation evaluations and using the Technidea Zip Level Pro 2000.

Check out the video here.

Nice video, John. I do only about 6 slab-on-grade homes here a year. Most homes here all have basements or crawls.

Good video John, life is easier when you have the proper tools!

Good video, John…!

John do you charge more for that service?

What did you use to record the video ?

Cannon Rebel EOS T3

No I don’t. Unless they want me to provide a baseline drawing, then I do. I just consider it another tool I need that’s necessary to do slab on grade foundation inspections…

I use a laser level and a tape measure $70 Bucks just takes me a bit longer:D;-)

Nice Video

How can a slab that has moved 3" not have any signs of movement?

We do a ton of slab on grade houses, but anytime I saw significant differences there was always signs. Cracked tile, floor boards not sitting right, walls cracking.

What if it was a just a bad installation?

Cool tool, but I can see a ton of people misdiagnosing problems when there is no problem.

Not saying anything negative, just has me wondering is all.

one in particular had been built near a fault on N. Wilcrest. In fact, the fault ran diagonally through the driveway I later found out. The driveway had been recently replaced. Nothing strange about that with a fifty year old home. The whole slab tilted from right to left towards the driveway and the fault. No cracking of any kind to be seen. The house did seem a bit off visually from a distance when looking at it. The zip level confirmed it was sloped 5 inches end to end.

I’ve had others sloped as bad where poor flip artists fixed everything but the foundation. With the zip level, there’s no doubt. I can show the client the slope on the measuring head readout. No guessing.

Hey Russell, I’m going to notify Larson to come to this thread to see something he’s never seen before!:D:D:p

Thats pretty cool. Never even thought of an entire house shift. Most liikely because I never heard or ever seen one.

I can see these going through the roof in price, every Florida inspector will try and sell it for sink holes. :slight_smile:

They’re not that common but they do happen. I’ve inspected about three that way, that’s common enough. Now you can’t say you never heard that one before Russell.:smiley:

Learn something new everyday. Where it can be helpful here is that when I do see some excessive settlement I can out an exact number to it and have a definitve answer.

Thanks for the video.

Let me ask, can it be used at the exterior to show the negative grading issues?

I use it as a matter of course on every inspection. Sometimes I’m surprised what it tells me.

Absolutely, I use it on pools too if the water line appears sloped on the tiles. Sometimes they just put the tiles in un-level and the zip shows the shell is fine. I’ve got another video coming out on foundation form inspections using it.

Great video John!

Today’s Inspection…




I’m hooked.

Nice video. Great tool.
I use a laser and tape also.
I got tired of folding it in half to get the last 6" so I bough a tape measure.:wink:

By the way, I was talking about my 12" wooden ruler. Gees…

Great video John.

What is the baseline number for elevation difference that you use to decide whether foundation repair is needed?

Also, since I am in your neck of the woods I had heard there is a map of the fault lines around here. Do you know how I could find that?