How can I tell age of Bryant furnace?

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I am buying a home and trying to determine the age of the Bryant furnace? I was told that sometimes this can be determined by the serial #. That # is 1297X63948. If it can be determined by this number, is this considered an older furnace?

Also, we had the house inspected and was told that the furnace and air conditioning were operating well. But, the inspector does NOT do an extensive inspection on HVAC systems including checking heat exchangers, filters, fan motors, carbon monoxide or gas leaks, etc. I was told that I could have a "safety inspection" done by a local HVAC company for $49 per furnace (home has 2 furnaces) which would check some of the things above. Does anyone recommend doing that? Is it necessary? I have verified that the current owners have the systems serviced 2x/yr.

We are first time home owners and need some advice.

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Bryant just happens to be the best at year identification. In the serial number the first 2 numbers identify the month and the second set of number identify the year. 1297X63948 12th month of 1997.

As far as inspecting a furnace, most inspectors are only required by their Standard Operating Procedures to do a functional check. Some go above and beyond, and some don't. If the inspector did not go above and beyond then getting a HVAC technician would be a good idea if you feel the conditions of the furnaces warrant such a visit. My first guess is a visit by a HVAC Tech would be unnecessary, but by not being there first hand I could not make that assumption.