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There must be a good way to determine the year of any furnace , as well as similar info on A/C Tonage & BTUs .

Do you mean other than


Yes… I just tried that site and it didn’t help me out .
I thought maybe I was missing something.
Is every Inspection a search mission?

What were you researching? There are some that cannot be done.

Except for the Yoks that use letters instead of names I can usually figure it out on the spot without looking it up.

But it took me several years of inspecting to get to that point.

Though like Joans said, some obscure brands you may never find.

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Ok … thanx. I guess I’ll just do searches etc… until I get comfortable with it all .

It was just for my first mock Inspection…
I guess there should also be a Gas Inspection yah from the date of Installation/ Inspection too to look for .

I was asking because if we knew what you were researching, perhaps we could find a way to help or to see what you may have missed. Anything we offer means nothing without a real life example to work with for reference.

Ok… well it’s an Allied Air Enterprises
Max BTUs 57,000

Haven’t seen that brand, but it is under the Lennox corporate umbrella. If you’re really intent on deeper research contact the manufacturer directly. I’ve done that a few times when stumped, and all of them have been helpful.

Appears to be an Armstrong Air Furnace manufactured in 2009 or 2010.

Thanx !
Yes, absolutely, that’s a good idea to call the manufacturer…

Thanx … and that sounds about right for my thoughts too .

Good info and advice from Joe and Les.

Calling or emailing the Manufacturer was where I was leading to above. Oftentimes with these companies, it’s like playing the game Monopoly as they change hands often!

Another note: Having the Serial # is usually more useful when searching for AGE information as that is where the breakdown is contained (as you should have observed on the “Building-Center” site).

This site may also help you understand the differing data systems and tips on how they work, for those times when you feel you have to “guess”… as some manufacturers claim to not be able to break the code! Keep in mind that most HVAC (Heat and Cool) usually share the same method of determining age. so don’t too hung up on an article that says “Heating” without mentioning A/C.

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Serial number?

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Thanx again Jeffrey !
Greatly appreciated…
Take care and be safe .

Ya… you know, that second and more important number on the Data plate! :wink:

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Roger … 35 yrs inspecting and ex-factory A/C rep and NEVER heard of that brand SO research

If it has an ANSI stamp and date on it, it is, usually, within 3 to 4 years of that date.

And it happens that it is one of my First furnaces I look at too …