How common is this problem?

Hey guys – me again. :roll: My pest control guy happened to notice the cracks that are near the front of our garage [you may recall the photos posted earlier, like the one that goes through the grade beam] and he said that at least every other house on his street has the same problem. When I asked him if “his” house did, he quickly said, “no.” :wink: Hmmmm … anyway, is this something you folks see a lot? I live in Florida.

Also, a couple of years ago when all of this came to light, I noticed a small, hard bump that was slightly protruding through the exterior side of the NE garage wall at ground level right above the mulch, and very close to the cement porch. There was no crack in the stucco; just a slight protrusion. In recently checking this again, the protrusion is slightly farther and the stucco now feels slightly soft, as if something is pushing its way through to the outside. I fear it will eventually push clean through the stucco layer. Any ideas what this could be – rebar maybe?

I am wondering if this may also have a connection to what has been happening on the interior slab area as well. In the past two years, I have felt a few roundish [not sure about that], small, hard protrusions that have slightly become more pronounced under my bare feet. I can feel them through the carpet.

As always, this is driving me to the brink of insanity because we have ZERO dollars for future repairs, etc., and this is not going to change. Unfortunately, three layoffs during the past five years and still down a $1,000K a month will do that to you. And yet we are so torn about the idea of selling at 30% below market value, assuming a company would buy this place and even give us THAT much!

Your thoughts are always so appreciated. Diana

Well golly; maybe it was something I said? :slight_smile: I have to resolve myself to the fact that whatever is [or is not] happening to our home is beyond my financial scope, and all I can do is pray.

Have fun guys.

I’m thinking pictures would spark a little interest and offer something to base some ideas on? Some good close-ups. It is very difficult to offer opinions on description only. Unfortunately, I’m not the guy to ask about how to insert pictures on the BB.

Hey Darrell. There are three earlier posts filled with photos that some of the helpful guys here reviewed for me. They are probably about 10 pages or so back in this forum; dated in October '06 I believe.

If you feel so inclined to add your info., it’s always appreciated. It’s the bumps under the carpet that have me the most befuddled and worried right now because, of course, they have changed since originally noticed, and I am clueless as to what could be happening. I have a pretty good understanding on all of the other cracks, etc.

And no, I can’t lift up the carpet to see, unless I am willing to rip it up big time. This is in a large living area about 25’ X 25’, and the carpet’s not coming up anytime soon for replacement [no money :(].

I think I missed my calling by not becoming a home inspector. I see and notice things that would probably drive everyone crazy though. [LOL]